April 2nd, 2003

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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003

yey! i am pretty excited cuz i might be getting a new computer..! i’ve saved for a while now, and bry & cam are gonna help me get the pieces and throw it all together. simple, yes i know, but then again.. better safe than sorry.. it’s a lot of money i’m juggling around here!! well actually.. prolly not much to a lot of you guys.. but a lot to me! lol. anyway.. i’d like some advice on brands & stuff.. i wouldnt have the first clue what to get as far as that. it wont be extra fancy.. but it’ll still be a super computer compared to the laptop i have now..! anyway, i can always upgrade later on (when i get some money again?), that’s the nice thing about desktops… lol.

so, though i do trust cam and bry, if any of the rest of you computer-crazy-people out there have any advice.. i definitely wouldnt mind hearing it! so im me or leave a comment or something.

i’ll keep updated with how its going, what the plans are, etc.

hm.. thats about all

oh yea….. donate blood on friday! (you knew it was coming!)

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