April 6th, 2003

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Sunday, April 6th, 2003

yey! emma has a motherboard!

here is one of my away messages that tells you what you need to know:

“everyone rejoice for my new P4 2.4 GHz and PURPLE ECS mobo w/USB 2.0… the first step towards my new computer

if you have a DVD drive that’s a decent speed, a CD-RW drive that’s a decent speed, a videocard that’s half-decent, a soundcard that’s half-decent, a blinky fan you dont want, or random other computer stuff you dont want.. contact me cuz i could probably use it. (harddrives & SDRAM too)”

and there you have it. i’m well on my way, wouldnt you say? lol.. ha.

anyway.. yea.. that’s about all..

took the SAT on saturday, i think i did pretty well. better than on the PSAT, anyway. (i did well on the PSAT)

whoa!! wait!!! something just happened!! i just realised i can barely, barely, sit on my hair and look straight forwards at the same time!!

yey!! not much longer till i reach my goal!! (grow my hair long enough to sit on)

do you have any idea how long this has taken me…..????

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