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Saturday, May 31st, 2003

Thought I’d put up a post for thursday.

After collecting money for mrs.abels present (which we gave her on friday, she was very happy and surprised!) kathy and i took a ride with katie (newly licensed!) and kchris (katie’s chris) to kathy’s house and petted shadow. we only meant to pick up some money for her to buy some books with, but ended up sitting in the cool dark of her kitchen eating ‘love letters’ and reading newsweek and time. hehe. then alex called (whoops, sorry, forgot to call you!) and asked if i knew yet if i was going to accept mitch’s invitation to go over and help her pack. i pondered a bit and decided i’d risk my neck and brave my fear of stranger to meet this strange mitch who i converse with online. kathy katie kchris and i all went to half price books in lincoln square and looked around for a bit. then we went to jamba juice and shared a berry blast (?) thingy. alex met us there, and we signed his yearbook and discussed things like shallowness, the judgement of people by physical appearence, the importance of physical-ness in marriage/realtionships, and people who are hypocrites. *cough*

then i went with alex to nick’s house where we rescued him from from cleaning and greeted his shaved dog and his birdy. from there we had a very long drive to alex’s house (through a huge traffic jam) where i had my first pop tart in 10 years and we petted alex dog. then we jumped in the minivan and went to help mitch pack. we didnt get much done really.. just messed around. they convinced me to let mitch put some gell pen on my eyes though my aversion to make up made me hesitant. alex and nick fixed her shower curtain, then we all jumped in the van to get bobo tea (which i’d never heard of). the two white people (nick and i) were very tired in the van back to arlington. i didnt try any bobo tea.. it looks weird. maybe later. we took the tea across to nizza pizza and i watched them eat because a) i had no money b) i wasnt hungry and c)my mom was serving me dinner at 6. then we went back to alex house to pick up my backpack and stuff and sat around by his pool and talked. we went up to his room and watched videos from aroon’s party last week (wow.. was that a week ago..? it seems like years ago). then they took me home, then nick home.

it was a better day.

that’s about it. gonna go to graduation today, see all me buddies. i think none of them know i’ll be there, oh well. i’ll keep my eye open.

*sigh*.. i feel very sad.

ps- my monitor is out to get me

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Saturday, May 31st, 2003

yey!! right now i’m on EmXP, my desktop! I finally got a wireless card and now have internet and network access. No more transferring files via floppies and USB drives.. yey! i’ve also got a printer now so that’s always handy. the only problem is that the signal in my room sucks serious balls so i have to have my tower backwards to get a signal.. we’ll be trying to fix this asap. but still. i’m so happy i’m not doing much complaining. my monitor is really being an ass… oh i cant wait till i get a new one… this one is so bad it literally makes my eyes and head hurt..

i’m dead exhausted now.. until tomorrow *salutes*

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Thursday, May 29th, 2003

For those of you who have not seen the fence yet, or for those of you who did not see it before someone messed with it:

Happy Birthday, Linux!

Happy Birthday, 1337!

this was done by Emma, Cameron, and Onurcan after school on Wednesday. For coders/hackers/gamers/geeks everywhere. *salutes*

Ask yourself this… do you feel geeky? WELL? DO YOU?

I do, I’m 51.47929% Geek… A Super Geek!!


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Wednesday, May 28th, 2003

First first, a half-decent pic of me at the orch banq, compliments of Quoc’s Wonderful Site:

emily’s on my left (your right), i think she’s just finished drinking the lovely ice tea they served us. (or, we served ourselves : P ) kathy was on emily’s left, you can see her here.

Now, a link to the lovely video taken by quoc on monday. it’s hunter dancing with a voice-over of nathan kung and a cameo appearence of my hair. yey!

Right Click here and select ‘Save Target As’ to view the video. DO NOT STREAM!!

WHOOHOO! only two days of school left! not even! just the english exam for me, thanks, then about 2 seconds of math, and 2 seconds of APUSH on friday morning! then it’s summertime, baby. and i’m actually going to be here, too!

Some summertime songs i have found on my playlist (if you dont like them, dont get after me, ok? my playlist.. emphisis on my! you dont have to listen to it!!):

– George Thorogood – Summertime Blues

– Shaggy – In the Summertime (brings back childhood memories, this one. *see end of post)

– Sublime – Summertime (this is a good one… all laid back and lazy!)

– Alice Cooper – School’s Out for Summer (a classic!)

so, download them and add them to your extensive playlists for the summer! at least the last three, they’re good.

well, i’m off to go finish the spark*notes for Sound and Fury, brush up on my literary periods, and.. i donno.. code? lol

one last good song!: monty python – always look on the bright side of life!

“incidently this record’s available in the foyer…”

* i first heard this song on the beach during a holiday in britain.. my sister and i (kenneth was a baby, and this was before the twins were born!) were damming up a stream that flowed down the beach with a bunch of other kids. there was a bandstand thing set up on the beach, not big, but they played this song. they played it a few times.. and remember thinking it was like the perfect summertime song, though of course i didnt really understand it! : )

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Wednesday, May 28th, 2003

here is a really cool program i’ve found that converts .jar files to .exe files… if you’ve got a cool version of metrowerks it can do this by itself, but this program lets you add things like splash screens, change the options, and gets rid of that annoying black box. try it out if you be a coding-type person

this is a link to the cool program. please click

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2003

NOTE!: everyone carefully inspect the ‘styrofoam cup signs’ on the fence in the main parking lot tomorrow morning… *cough* *cough*. compliments of yours truely and the CS gang.

my mom’s bought me a season pass to 6 flags, what with me being here all summer and all. so, if you’d be willing to join me going there one or two times during the summer, or have a season pass yourself, leave a comment or send an im. my mom also wants to buy me a season pass to wet n’ wild, so if you have a season pass to that, or wouldnt mind joining me a few times, also leave a comment or send an im. thank you for your attention span.

i miss school already. i miss the seniors already.

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2003

three posts with pictures. you guys are getting spoiled. three day weekend was ok. aroons party was fun, i guess. the time with emily by the pool was by far the best part of the whole time. (yaz emily dahling you and i are the rich pompus audience members.. we do not touch the balls of the common people.. waiter! you’ve got the balls of the common people.. the common people have no balls! *golf clap* blake over there, he likes to watch balls being slapped around by the pool-side…)

orch banq was ok. the chicken was good…. with ranch dressing. the awards and stuff got a bit *yawn.* the music for the slideshow was the most intreguing part.

spent most of my weekend sick with respiratory crap. couldnt breathe worth shit for most of friday-saturday. today i was stomach-sick. go figure.

here is my thought for the weekend (taken from my convo with nick):

freezefire666: you know something i realised?

freezefire666: no matter wherer you go in the world, whatever hotel you stay in, there’s always a razor plug in above the mirror. you know, the two little two-prong holes, one for 115 volts and one for 220

freezefire666: the world has united on one thing! mens beards!

As used by James Bond!

Wot a sad guy...

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Sunday, May 25th, 2003

i’m sorry i haven’t been posting much.. life’s been rather confusing and sucky and sad and weird lately as most of you know already.

um.. just posting this quiz.

You’re the sad smile,the one that regrets nearly
everything and is constantly wondering about
what could have been.  You’re not happy with your
situation and usually blame yourself because of
the bad things that have happened.  Cheer up.

What Kind of Smile are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Monday, May 19th, 2003

okok. i’ve given in. so many people have made prom posts. ok. here. i’m posting!

while trying to get ready for prom, the electricity went out, which isnt really a big deal, cept i had to take a shower.. and it was dark. well, i cant shave without slice-and-dice with the lights on, so i didnt want to try in pitch dark. so i lit a buncha candles, but cuz i’d put off showering cuz i thought the power might come back on, i was in a huge rush cuz i had a hair appointment. took the lady 1 1/2 hours to do my hair. then i came home and procrastinated until the last minute, when i got ready in a rush. cam fell asleep while compiling some libraries, so at 6:05 when I IM’d him asking him when he was picking me up (he’d said 6) he got dressed & ready very quickly and came to pick me up. we went to kathy’s to give her her buttonairré that she’s asked cam to buy for her (she paid him back). Then we went to funfest to show this guy ‘mario’ and his date ‘katrina’ where this girl ‘kristen’ lived. (lol, they’re both nice people, dont worry). kristen’s father did not shoot mario, and that was good. mini-photo shoot at kristen’s house. then i remembered i didnt have an ID, and neither did katrina, but luckily she lived fairly near to me, so we went back to that end of town and i got my id (and had a second mini-photo shoot with my mom because her first pictures of me with my hair hadnt come out). then we met mario and katrina back at lamar and finally headed off to lone star racetrack. we got there, but didnt know where we were supposed to park, so we drove up to ask the valet but then i found a random $4 in my purse and paid for us to get valét parking. we got a table next to some people from ALG (aroon’s lan gang) and ate yummy food. i was not ladylike. i also ate lots of dessert. talked to kathy, and stood around. cam’s blog is wrong, i did not dance. We left, and went back to my house, where my mom had said we could change clothes (‘we’ consists of me and cam and kristen) and i burned a CD of music super-fast. We then headed out, bought bawls, and went to lamar for after-prom, but couldnt get in because seniors could only have one guest, and our group who said they’d wait for us had already gone in. so we left. taking the bawls. i’d say it was fair.. we didnt get into after-prom after all. well we drove around for a long time, being bored and contemplating driving to oklahoma simply cuz we could, but decided none of us wanted to call our parents at 3am to tell our mom we had a flat in Ardmore. We then picked up cam’s laptop and went war-chalking (looking for wireless networks and marking on the ground to indicate their kind). kristen then asked to go home so she could do her pre-cal hw, and so we went to her house, and i fixed cam’s program he’d been trying to de-bug for 3 hours in 30 minutes, and cam tried to fix kristen’s computer. i dozed off for about half an hour between about 5 and 5:30, adn then bry called, and we went to pick him up at lamar. i slept on the way there, and the way to IHOP where we met bry’s girl, elizabeth, and had breakfast. i dont actually remember picking bry up. then we went to a park, and i sat there while they played around, then i went home, washed the crap out of my hair, and slept.

it was ok, but i’m hoping (my) senior prom is better. perhaps cuz i didnt know that many people. i donno. *shrugs*

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Sunday, May 18th, 2003

note two new ‘bawls’ messages in the ticker below. all of these are real, btw, and said with no pun intended. that’s what makes them funny, cuz it’s easy to come up with a million things if you put your mind to it. but everyday convo is amusing.

prom was ok, after prom was non-existant for me.

ihop made me sick.

oh, and my hair was a mess and really tangly. it was hell to get down.

and yea. um. that’s all

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