August 2nd, 2003 browsing by day


Saturday, August 2nd, 2003

so i’m doing some project for drivers ed, where i have to find the 5 most dangerous intersection in arlington. i go to google and type in ’5 most dangerous intersections in arlington tx.’ These were my results. i was so happy when i saw the first one…. but it got me for a second when maquest ‘couldnt find the street’… HAHAHAHAHA.

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Saturday, August 2nd, 2003


a brand new template! isnt it awesome?? hehe. i decided i’d have to make the switch cuz i couldnt fit all the blog links on the top of my old blog.. so here! i like it muchos.

btw – any link that’s got white around it means you havnt visited it yet… so you’ll be able to keep track of which blogs you need to go check! : )

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Saturday, August 2nd, 2003

yea, i know. two surveys in one day? well. i’m bored. and i like doing these.

so i got this off ojs site, who got it off blakes site, who got it off aroons site : P

01. Kissed your cousin: nope

02. Ran away: kindof

03. Pictured your crush naked: i’m human (that’s a yes)

04. Actually seen your crush naked: the one i ended up dating, yea

05. Broken someone’s heart: probably. not proud

06. Been in love: yeaz

07. Cried when someone died: yes

08. Wanted someone you knew you couldn’t have: yea

09. Broken a bone: my skull

10. Drank alcohol: yes. didnt like it.

11. Lied: never

12. Cried in school: yeaz


13. Coke or Pepsi: COOOOKKEEEEE

14. Sprite or 7UP: sprite

15. Girls or Guys: guys, with the exception of kk&e;

16. Flowers or candy: flowers

17. Scruff or Clean shaven: depends on the person, dudnt it?

18. Quiet or Loud: depends what it is.

19. Blondes or Brunettes: why yes, i do base my life off jokes… why do you ask?

20. Bitchy or Slutty: neither…??

21. Tall or Short: tall

22. Pants or Shorts: no preference


23. What do you notice first: whether they’ve got a sense of humor or not (observing from a safe distance… strangers are scary)

24. Last person you slow danced with: aj

25. Worst Question To Ask: them to ask me? “you’ve been to england? so what’s london like? have you met the queen? say something in english!”


26. Showered: this mornin

27. Had Sex: my past life i s’pose

28. Had a great time with the opposite sex: this evening at pablos LAN

29. Your Good Luck Charm: my eyes.

30. Person You Hate Most: all those preps. GOD THEY’RE LIKE CLONES *covers head* and yes, i know what you’re all thinking. and no, i dont want to change my answer.

31. The Best Thing That Has Happened To You: discovering all my friends


32. Color: PURPLE

33. Movie: dogma

34. Subject in school: comp sci, health science

35. Juices: pineapple

36. Cars: BMW Z3 Roadster

37. Ice Cream: vanilla

39. Season: all have their perks

40. Breakfast Food: something that is not a typical breakfast food (pot pies, burritoes)


43. Makes you laugh the Most: those crazy people i hang out with : D

44. Makes you smile: see the above

45. Can make you feel better no matter what: no matter what?? nothing. but most of the time, my closest friends. and sacrifices of minions.


46. Who Has had A Crush On You: a few people

47. Have you ever had a Crush On Someone: yeaz

49. Has it easier guys or girls: guys have it way too easy.

50. Gives you A Funny Feeling When You See Them: Cops.. and usually security personnel <-- going with oj.


50. Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night: GOD, I’M NOT THAT SAD!.. i sit on aim waiting for someone to log on instead.

51. Save AOL conversations: Every convo I have is automatically logged. <-- ditto

52. Save Emails: yep

53. Wish you were someone else: the different views would be interesting, but not as a permanant change

54. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: for one day <--agreed <-- indeed. <-- t'would be interesting


56. Cologne: lord like i know

57. Perfume: ditto.

58. Kiss: ones with someone you love

59. Romantic memory: purple roses on v-day

60. Most recent advice given to you: dont get your hopes up


61. Fallen for your best friend?: nope

62. Made out with just a friend?: nope

63. Been Rejected?: s’pose so

64. Been in love?: yeaz

65. Been in lust?: dun think so

66. Used someone?: no

67. Been used: dun think so

68. Cheated on someone?: never

69. Been cheated on?: not that i’m aware of (im very sure the answer is no)

70. Been kissed?: indeed

71. Done something you regret?: hasnt everybody?


72. You touched?: hugged alé

73. You talked to?: as in real life? cameron

74. You hugged?: alé

75. You instant messaged?: gentry

76. You had sex with?: naebody

77. You yelled at?: umm…. onurcan i think

78. You laughed with?: alé and cameron

79. Who broke your heart?: ..

81. Who told you they loved you?: mom


82. Color your hair?: jeezus why bother

83. Have tattoos?: someday

84. Have piercings?: ears… someday belly button

85. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both?: nope

86. Own a webcam?: yeaz

87. Own a thong?: yeaz

88. Ever get off the damn computer?: hahaha NO

89. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?: -> translate

90. Habla espanol?: je parle francais

91. Quack?: i also speak english. BOTH KINDS

i’m so sorry! i really am.

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