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Sunday, August 17th, 2003

omg.. so many things! quakecon.. summer over.. school starting.. i dont know where to begin. i guess i’ll start with quakecon

my first year at quakecon.. omfg it was a blast. i didnt even have a computer, but hanging with friends around computers playing games and messing about was just nirvana right there. as so many have said.. what a way to end the summer and see everyone off with a bang. i’m glad i was able to go.. it would have sucked if i hadnt been there for the final goodbyes, meals, & parties.

last meal: (location: TGI Fridays, West End, Dallas, TX)

Ar00n: a ‘super-size’ mint chocolate-chocolate chip malt, custom made by our awesome waiter

Blakerson: Buffalo wings and two free ice cream Oreo sandwiches… compliments of, again, our awesome waiter

Em: warm brownie with ice cream and caramel

Alé: Water (and he helped us eat the oreos and the brownie)

total: 17$ somethin

pretty good for a last meal, eh? hehe

we then returned to quakecon and watched the terminator (i dont know what number) while some people did comments on a mic… god it was hilarious.

here’s a few quotes:

“Come with me if you want to live… live with me if you want to come.”

“Oh shit! I’m in basic! No wonder I can’t fucking kill anyone!”

“What is all this clutter on my screen?? How do I get rid of help balloons?!”


“Sex hands!”

things i got at quakecon:


bawls stickers.. loads!


blow up ball

tshirt – ” 1 <3 g33ks "

tshirt – “c:\dos\run”

cool retractable mouse

while at quakecon… number of times….

I got my picture taken: 4

I got comments on my sharpie arm-art: 5

I got invited to hotel room parties: 1

Complete strangers tried to strike up conversation: 3

The last words uttered by each of the immortal SSB members to each other as they left Quakecon, and began the journey to and through college (or, as in my case.. highschool):


(which got us many strange looks, indeed)

times that aroon said ‘i’ll never see you again, em!’ and saw me again:

prolly somewhere near 10

Chances that i’ll see aroon again this time (before quakecon next year)…:

: ( slim…

Minutes away that alé is going:


but god. this summer… this summer has been without a doubt the best summer of my life. lans, parties, friends… i dont know what else i could ask for.. except maybe being here during july.. or for it not to end!! it seems.. well here. let me put in a convo i held with myself in thomas’s im window:

Loweaugen (11:31:28): summer’s over

Loweaugen (11:31:32): everyone’s gone

Loweaugen (11:32:51): : (

Loweaugen (11:32:58): just one quick bye and that’s it

Loweaugen (11:33:05): wont see aroon till… a long time

Loweaugen (11:33:11): wont see blake around for a long time

Loweaugen (11:33:15): dunno when i’ll see alé again.. though that’ll be sooner..

Loweaugen (11:33:19): if you ask me

Loweaugen (11:33:26): goodbyes arent ever long enough

Loweaugen (11:33:47): for the length of time you’ve spent with them

Loweaugen (11:33:53): and the length of time until you see them again

Loweaugen (11:37:49): 10 seconds just isnt enough to take in that you wont see them again for an unknown amount of time.. prolly a long amount of time

Loweaugen (11:37:55): a hug, a smile, a wave

Loweaugen (11:38:05): that’s supposed to sum up your friendship? all the times you’ve had?

Loweaugen (11:38:15): *sits gloomily*

Loweaugen (11:38:22): i hate goodbyes

it’s true. i mean… i spend like two days partying with aroon blake and alé and then… in about 20 seconds you get hit by reality.. they’re going… you wont see them again for who knows how long.. you smile, joke, say goodbye, hug.. and watch them go. and that’s it. though i must add.. quakecon was the end… and GOOD LORD was it a great one.. : )

i will miss everyone so much. i’ve grown close to these people i didnt even know 6 months ago… : P. when did i first get to know aroon (the first one i got to know of the little groupie)? just before the robot contest… january sometime. lol remember yahoo im, aroon? all those strange pics we drew? then on the ice days i meet alé for the first time, and amith and pablo. then i kinda met alé again online, and got challenged by him to find a picture of a purple toaster.. and i succeeded!! member alé? heheehe. and the lan at cameron’s house… where aroon blasted out completely inappropriate songs at cam’s old house? lol. then after much encouragement by alé i messaged thomas… i remember alé telling me about how he had once asked thomas what the diff was between him and a gothic person.. thomas replied ‘i’m depressed for a reason.’ mm.. yes.. my first impression of thomas. lol. then i met blake, a very strange person indeedy. met him off nick… i met nick at the same time i met aroon, around the robot building contest. well.. but i think i knew him before that.. or was that after that? lol. my memory sucks. i just remember coming in the morning and greeting him.. ‘hi bob! wassup?’ we both went to brekenridge and skied/snoboareded on the same peak for spring break.. but didnt know about it till the day we came back to school and i was telling mrs abel about it.. hehehe. oh, and dont forget drew. LORD DREW! when did i meet him? 3 years ago? so long ago. that’s actually a very long time. and this summer i’ve helped him make this movie.. which i’d better get a dvd of, drewish! YEA. ever notice everyone’s got nicknames? well kinda. i dont call aroon nigga, lol. ar00n, bob, blakerson, alé, drewish. go further and you’ve got bry, cam, oj, em.

i guess the saddest thing is… summer’s gone. i cant get it back.. no one can. never will it be like this summer again. the mature smart thing to do is to let it go, remember it with a huge grin, and laugh knowingly to those who were there. but it’s hard. hard to accept that good times like those are gone. sure, more good times will come, and maybe even better ones.. but there’s the uniqueness of this summer that wont ever return. prolly it’s just moreso for me, as this is the first summer i’ve been able to experience anything close to this.. as usually i’m in britain. and i tell you what.. for the first summer in america.. you guy’s helped make it a memorable HELL of an experience. : ). (much to the rich bastard’s dismay, i’m sure). i guess the good side is.. i thought the same thing when comp sci 2 came to and end… god… that was definately competition with the SSB group. and i thought then… it’ll never be the same…. and it isnt… but i found more good times! they’re different.. but i wouldnt miss them out for the world if i had to go back and do it again.

thank you so much for letting me hang with you guys this summer.. X D

so remember everyone… porkchop sandwiches, DONT GIVE HIM THE STICK. there is no retard in team, it’s three easy steps: jus’ flip it, stick it, and see ya lata, bye.

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