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Sunday, September 28th, 2003

so suddenly my weird writing seems to have caught some attention.. before anybody seemed to get it at all, i wrote a little explaination post to go along with it.. kinda explaining some stuff so maybe someone would get it. i was gonna post it next week or somethin, but now that 3 whole people seem to get it, i dont think i will. because for them, it’d be spoiling whatever they’ve made out of it. and that’s worth way more than me telling people how to think of it. to answer ar00n’s comment, yea i did write it. as for my reasons, to quote from that explination post i wrote…:

“i wrote this post over three days, in little splurts where i just got bored, and wrote. i started it late sunday night [sept 21], feeling like i should post *something* for an unknown reason. i was eating mint choc chip ice cream, and as i typed the intro (“hellz yea yo.”) i had brainfreeze. after the first sentance, the ice cream had been finished. after the second sentance, i realised i was writing in first person plural, and that prolly not everyone reading this was eating choc chip ice cream. i decided i’d go ahead anyway. i had no purpose for this post … i just wrote it. at first i tried to make it apply to all by keeping it grade and school general, but i couldnt, so i referenced lamar and got on with it.”

it was great fun, and i enjoyed writing it, and i’m glad that it turned out to be something that some people are really connecting with. it means a lot to me, but i didnt really think anyone else would ‘get it.’ i’m pretty sure aroon did, lol.

i guess i’ll take a hint from aroon’s comments and IM’s and show this to the fabled mrs love.. i have no idea who she is. so, aroon, if you’ll inform me, i’ll do your bidding.

thanks for the kind words evrybodee.

“flip it, stick it, and see ya lata, bye!”

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Sunday, September 28th, 2003

oh btw


alé: only pablo would wear an ‘available’ shirt inside his own house

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Sunday, September 28th, 2003

i’ve spent the last 30 hours living with the morenos. it’s been great fun : ) out of that 30 hours i got maybe… 6 or 7 hours of sleep? so yea.. i’m pretty tired about now. i’ll post more about alé’s birthday lan and today (saturday) tomorrow. computer is all in pieces here at my feet.. it will be set up at a later date, so until then, you’ll have to excuse my online-ness being infrequent and often me getting offline randomly cuz my laptop is dying. anyway, overall, a wonderful time!!! X D X D

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Thursday, September 25th, 2003

AleJandro Moreno is 19 today, yey! X D

you’re awesome ale!

dont you love this pink and flowery cake i found for you?? ^.^

~ your Em

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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003

hellz yea yo.

so the days have been whizzing past, and we find ourselves somewhere in the middle of september going ‘whoa, brain freeze’ as we finish off the remains of our mint choc chip ice cream. the throb of daftpunk and BT echoing through the dazed skulls of those awed by new schools and those bored by old becomes the life-pulse of the ritualistic computer/homework/eat/sleep routines we all fall into sooner or later. groggy mornings of zombie-like attendance to class are spaced out by the jubilant reunion of friends departed, and the magical nights out with old friends at coffee houses, talking of worldly dreams, theories on life, and other mystical topics while sipping hot things in the cool texas midnight. stick out our tongues to the zing of lemonsalt burning away your skin and we might catch a drop or two of bawls, bringing back memories of lan parties in the past. ‘so this is the fall of 2003,’ we mumble, not sure of whether to be amazed or disappointed, but admiring the sexy IDs swinging daintily from our necks. sliding (literally) past someone who has mistaken the newly tiled hallways for a urinal and exclaiming ‘we pledge allegence, yo, tejas’ suddenly we’re supine, feeling the cold floor against our backs and straining our eyes against the blinding flourescent lights beaming above us. it’s easy to forget, we realise, how much life really does change every year. where were we this time last year? what did we think of life then? how much have we changed? we all answer differently, with a twinkle of the past gleaming in the eyes at the memories of the us gone by. how young we were then. how little we knew! how much we had ahead of us to face. each face a little more pained, each smile a little wider, admiringly we reflect on the worry wrinkles slowly mapping out our brows and those inescapable smile lines framing our cheeky grins. ‘we know’ drones the chorus, sounding utterly depressed at the extent of their knowledge, and, sinking a little lower into the cushions of our chairs we can only think of the cookies and punch to be served, as always and as promised, after the show. ‘up the down!’ someone shrieks, and in the realization that we dont know what’s at the bottom, wilfred owen’s “ecstasy of fumbling” moves to our crowd. but this time the syrup’s too thick to trudge through, and no matter how hard we strain, we’re still headed in our predestined direction. shuffling along the assembly-line of education, who can deny we havn’t witnessed those things which we’d never thought we’d witness, and discovered those things about ‘the gang’ that we never thought we would? red jettas and z3 roadsters, edition freedom or french, primed for racing, it’s not too long before we’re neck-and-neck against ourselves, the throb of the music and the growl of the engine creating a momentary distraction from the scratchmarks on our wrists, tell-tale signs of those insane cats that shock us awake with a soul-jarring yowl as they race across our sleeping forms, nuking peaceful dreams of integrated cows and horses. ‘pick a card,’ prompts the machine, and blindly we confidently stab at the buttons: trail held, three nudges. three limes in a row? some lucky sevens? apples, oranges? protectively clinging our pineapples to our chests, we dash to the beach, only to find it’s been cemented over to form the first-ever sea-view car park. bare feet sizzling gently against the non-stick surface, our gazes turn yet again to the search for a path – any path – to take us home. muttering childhood nursery rhymes as we pour ourselves a gravel path to walk on, we head towards the only place we can, straight on into the cobwebs of the past. requesting connection speed, free mints and salsa for all. DSL, cable, T1? but surely we can only comprehend what dial-up can deliver. seemingly alone in this brand-new box of magic tricks, we’ve really only got to unwrap our hands from our knees and stretch them out to find the touch of a familiar friend. uncurling ourselves from this fetal position, suddenly the floor isnt all that frigid, and lights arent all that glaring. “if you jump on than there’s no turning back!” threaten the faceless lingerie models, peering disdainfully over their meager pile of meatloaf at we young’uns. settling back in the long grass, faces turned upwards towards the pink and fushia glow of the mandarin orange sinking below the curve of an eyelash, we can easily converse with the dragonflies looping wildly overhead, proof that gravity isnt really all that bad.

as the last strains of the beloved alma mater are blasted through our ears with the clash of cymbols we stand slouched but alert, loser ‘L’s’ firmly pressed against foreheads, thousands of voices joining to cry out ‘for eh-ver-more!’ and we cant help but think to ourselves proudly, ‘counter-terrorists win, yo’

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Saturday, September 20th, 2003

bringing you more of my lovely search results:

07 Sep, Wed, 12:54:25 — Google: pure emma desktop wallpaper

18 Sep, Thu, 13:56:57 — Yahoo: nazi pictures

19 Sep, Fri, 17:55:16 — Google: “flip it stick it”

YEY! people come to my page A) looking for nazi pictures, and B) looking for GI JOE references!!

i’m so happy i could smash an egg over somebody’s head!

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Thursday, September 18th, 2003

rain today. i realised that with most of my readers scattered around in various places i can write about things like rain. it’s that kind of rain that makes me think of england. steady and constant. small drops, but hundreds of them, and spaced so close together. it’s rare in texas. the drops arent big and heavy enough to be the usual texas storm rain.. but they’re too constant and driven to be a light mist. it seems drizzly and mournful in emotion.. not angry and determined like storm rain.. not thoughtful like mist.. it falls with the purpose to soak and freeze any person unfortunate enough to be exposed at the time. if you’re in a place with enough wind (the northumberland moors, for example) it whips around your face like a million pins, stinging against your skin. it’s grey outside and yellow in my room, which makes it cozy. makes me want to nap. a lovely day. lovely weather.

two sayings for today that bounded into my mind mid-Medea test:

Life has whatever meaning you give it.

The meaning of life is what you make it.

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Thursday, September 18th, 2003

** watch for signs of the apocalypse!! **

TrippSkiggins: …and I don’t know if I should say this, but here it goes…

TrippSkiggins: …I think that I like orange soda better…*cough*

TrippSkiggins: better than *cough cough*

TrippSkiggins: Dr….Pepper

Loweaugen: than dr pepper!!?!??!

Loweaugen: *watches some giant pigs flying past the window*

Loweaugen: tripp! how could you!

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Wednesday, September 17th, 2003

This is awesome. My dad sent me a newspaper clipping origionally, but i cant very well stick that up here, and the newspaper who published it charges to search archives older than 7 days. But… here! This is an article about a 19th century guy who threw a rock at some girl he had a crush on but always turned him down. so they hung him, then used his body for scientific research. Then… lol, well go read it.. hehe!

next up… through WebUser magazine (couldnt find a link to the magazines site with this article, sorry) i’ve discovered kazaa has become the most downloaded program ever. not too surprising, but cool.

i saw this cool site also on WebUser and thought it was worth a post.. go check out note the color right now is purply..!! YEA PURPLE!

and now for some random facts i picked up while surfing yesterday:

– guys prefer a girl who has a waist to hip measurement of 0.7. it triggers the mind to think they’re more fertile.

– The male faces that women find most attractive change in line with their menstrual cycle. Women find masculine faces more attractive during the most fertile period of their cycle and more feminine faces attractive at other times.

– in a monitored test they hooked some people up to brain detector things and showed them a picture of whoever they were in love with & then a pic of a really close, long-time friend. they expected the brain patterns to be somewhat similar (both are friends, both are loved, right?), but they were very different. for the ‘love’ person the area responsible for ‘gut’ instincts got active, and the one overactive in depressed people was unactive. for the ‘close friend’ person neither of these reactions was very pronounced.

– A researcher asked two complete strangers to reveal to each other intimate details about their lives. This carried on for an hour and a half. The two strangers were then made to stare into each others eyes without talking for four minutes. Afterwards many of his couples confessed to feeling deeply attracted to their opposite number and two of his subjects even married afterwards.


RJetta8V: WHOA!

RJetta8V: thats awesome!


– Oxytocin – This is released by the hypothalamus gland during child birth and also helps the breast express milk. It helps cement the strong bond between mother and child. It is also released by both sexes during orgasm and it is thought that it promotes bonding when adults are intimate. The theory goes that the more sex a couple has, the deeper their bond becomes


RJetta8V: whoa

Loweaugen: interesting eh?

RJetta8V: very

Loweaugen: (guys around world: yey more reasons to have sex!)


so yea those are my interesting little blurbs for yesterday and today!

hope you all feel enlightened and smart now.

unrelated, but insightful:

Loweaugen: it’s hard to balance

Loweaugen: leaving someone alone

Loweaugen: and giving someone enough attention

Llenon: yes

Llenon: i understand

au revoir, mon amis!

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Wednesday, September 17th, 2003

wow.. i just woke up… i decided to go take a nap.. so i put my music on.. went over.. lay down. and dozed.. mm. it was wonderful. but i had this dream there was a lan party at a hotel! not an official one like QC, but just something we somehow pulled together. it was a mix of the group we had at bry’s house and some people i’ve heard also lan (jeff adams, martin bishop) and also just had some random people stuck in there (adam howell?). anyway. the main point of the dream was that we played CS a lot. and people kept teling me all these things about CS that in reality dont make any sense at all.. but in the dream i was like ‘oh wow.’ but it was sad, becuase nobody had invited m’ale to the lan! both his bros were there, but not ale!! lol. but nobody was there in the dream that is gone now. that makes sense if you think about it, but it was still sad, and i yelled at some people for it in the dream. it was the people who i have now & not those who i am used to lanning with. and the people i have now at school, and not those who are gone (both of ale’s bros happily attend lamar, but no longer ale!)

anyway i’m off to walk lady now cuz they told me too…

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