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Wednesday, October 29th, 2003

Warning: Sentimental Angos


well i was all happy about 5 minutes ago, but now i’m sad. i was just about to start this post when i decided to go save some pics off ale’s webspace so i’d have them on this comp and i came across the homecoming pix…

sadness!! it’s been since then that i’ve seen many of you guys and longer for others (and shorter for blake and shorter yet for ale and shorter yet again for katie/kathy/emily)…. and life’s been so busy lately.. hardly gives me a second to breathe let alone think.. and when you’re in that state it’s so easy to get on and not think about anybody who you’re not directly talking to every single day (or at least most days of the week). it’s easy to put off im’ing them for the first time in months just a few more days and before you know it, another month’s gone by. : (

i guess in some ways it’s good to forget people… you dont get sad you arent seeing them or having good times with them anymore.. it lets you get on with life as you’re expected to. but when you do remember…. it hurts all the more. and you feel even worse because you’ve not contacted them in so long.

but looking at the pics of you guys.. it seems like forever and ago that i used to hang with the SSB gang. now it’s back to the far away musings i had before summer. watching this group so close from a distance, darting in when i dared but mostly just looking on in slight awe. was it really just a few months ago i hitched a ride with thomas and nick to quakecon and sat for hours in the traffic while thomas read the mapsco for us? good times, good friends, but now it all seems so distant. was it really just a few months ago i walked into that huge computer-filled room in awe and went and sat down with alex, blake, aroon, amit, pablo, and brian g? was it those few months ago it was aroon’s last night and the ‘last night of freedom,’ – that we played SSB in thomas’s sparkley ceiling room – that we ventured to burger lake to find it closed, and then again to find it open – that we played volleyball in nick’s pool and went out to eat at monis, alex and nick racing, one time of many – that we held that monster-lan at alé’s house (where thomas and alé scared me to death many times) and the mini-lans at nick’s house, cozy in the small room and kickin ass against the bots…. that we snugged yet again on thomas’s couches to watch Apocalypse Now, Cowboy Bebop, and Reno 911?

*smiles* it makes me feel better to remember these times.. they’re not gone, just in the past… but they did happen, and that’s the main thing. they werent a dream, or just my imagination… this summer, as unbelievable as it was, did happen, and it was with the SSB gang.

perhaps a main reason i view from a distance again now is because SSB has progressed, to college and new places, and i’ve remained here, stuck in lamar time. they’ve (you’ve) made new friends and new times and met new people, while i’m still with my tried and true friends. i’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but it’s a different thing. i’ve made new friends, sure, and they may be half sophomores but meh, if Elders hadnt befriended me then i wouldnt have had last summer, would i’ve? : )

i’m enjoying my senior year (uber-stressful as it is)… k&k;&e; and i are trying our best to twist some rules and leave a mark or two for posterity, but it’s dark and lonely nights like this when i cant help but letting my mind drift back to the pure joy of those times. man hellz yea.

cant help but wonder how much different everyone looks, and i’m always amused at the differences in typing style whenever i get in touch with someone i havnt been in a while… and i wonder when i’ll see you guys again. for now i’ll smile and remember and look forwards to whenever, which is when you’ll all return and hopefully at least one LAN or SSB tourney will be held.

till then, i’ll be here, you all know where to find me, as you’ve all given me rides before ; P .

vive le gang.

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Sunday, October 26th, 2003


so i figure it’s time for another post… i’m getting so bad at this, but then, i’m busy as all fuck. i wont worry about whether or not that makes sense.

i found out somethin interesting today, emily told me. firstoff, she told me that my blog had been linked to on ‘d magazine’, which i already posted about.. but still.. how did she know? lol. i also found out that i do have random fans! apparently emily’s mom went to church one day after emily’s performance in ‘The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940′ and an old friend said ‘so emily did really good in the play, eh?’ emily’s mom replied ‘you went and saw it?’ only to hear the response ‘no, i read emma’s blog and she did a big long post about how great it is’

well whooda thunk. i feel special.

i feel pretty.. oh so pretty… speaking of which, i saw ‘anger management’ today. it’s ok. i’ve seen three movies in the last 24 hours.. something i’m proud of, as any of you who know me know that i am very very not in touch with the movie world. on friday kt, dahling emilah, bry and yo bro pablo came over for a mini party type thing and we ate, drank, and made merry, and watched ‘malibu’s most wanted,’ which was really really funny… ‘dud’n anybody know where the driveway is???’ ‘don be hatin’!’ we also got in the spa (oooo be jealous, very jealous) and roasted marshmallows over a nice roaring fire outside in the chiminaria (ooo be more jealous!!).

the theme of the little thing was like a halloween party so we all came ‘dressed up.’ for me this meant my boots (black), fishnet stockings (black), mini-skort (black), sheer lace top (black), necklace (black), and earrings (black). i donno what i was exactly.. but it was fun. bry came in his purple leopard skin ‘pimp outfit’ which can be seen on his blog. emily came in her harmony dress (em: ‘i told you do dress crazy emily not scary!”), pablo came in his CAP uniform, which can be seen on his blog and katie arrived dressed up as a gangster. her costume was by far the best, it was so funny looking! katie! a ganster! ohhh yes.

we all had a good time, and all stood outside in the smoke of the burning UTA. yes for those of you who havnt heard uta caught fire and burned like a mofo

the roof.. the roof.. the roof is on fire.. we dont need no water let the motherfuckers burn!!!!

you can catch the inside scoop right here

the smoke was so thick at my house (very near lamar) that we thought it was just down the road at like cooper and I-30, but then found out it was all the way down at UTA.

we drove down to blockbuster (dum dum dum… ahh!! <-- inside joke between the kt andme) to rent movies and met mike hong who some of you may remember. he went to lamar freshman year and whoo man, he was a laugh. used to go around singin 'i will survive' with thomas ash, what a pair. anyway we were walking around dressed up like nutcases but it was all good.

though we didnt get around to playin any video games, the party was hella fun.

so today i was ultra layzay, got up at like 12 and talked to people and generally was lazy till my dirtyness and hungryness got the better of me and i got busy. but then i was lazy more and played DDR all afternoon and watched anger management.

so i planned a night with ma girls, being as cool as they be.

we congregated at katies house after stopping at kroger to pick up some snacks we could all eat and enjoy(emily = atkins) and watched ‘good morning vietnam’ with robin williams in it. ahh man, good stuff. it was a great movie and i recommend it highly. some quotes:

‘Gooood morning Vietnam!!’

‘Hong Kong: Home of the shiney green suit!’

” ‘How’s the weather look tonight?’

‘Hot and wet! Which is great if you’re with a lady but not so great if you’re in the jungle!!’ ”

‘i am waiting to dieeee!!’

kt and emilah and i then sat around and thought of great ideas we will one day have to break into action. as katie put it: ‘we’re geniuses. utter fucking geniuses.’

on the way back to my house we sang along to alanis morsette’s “You Oughta Know”, a song every girl can related to. fucking hell it was great. drivin down the road screaming to this lovely anger song with my girls. good times, as simon would say, good times.

as for events earlier this week, hamsterball was on the radio! yeyyy!! it was great because even though it was all online everyone was im’ing each other and getting all excited, and you could feel the energy. i managed to get some far away people listening (such as gentry in tartleton, thomas in austin, and amit in… wherever the fuck amit is way up thataways).

i got impatient with the dj’s on the university of dallas station (the station playin hamsterball) because they talked a lot and about stuff not of much interest to anybody and because i wanted them to play just hamsterball. as gentry put it:

Llenon (11:38:22 PM): emma: less talk! less other people! hAMStER BaLL ALL THE TIME OMFG!!!

and here is frank’s reaction to being on the radio:

A n 8 0sRockDude (11:23:47 PM): whoa

A n 8 0sRockDude (11:23:50 PM): i like this

A n 8 0sRockDude (11:23:54 PM): its easier than physics

there you have it guys. being on the radio is easier than physics : ). i agree with him, i dont like physics much. i was kinda hoping that all the juniors would stay up late to listen to their class band hamsterball and therefore all be asleep in physics so i’d get the day off but alas it was not that way. too bad.

the other event that falls under ‘earlier this week news’ is god trying to give me a present. i refused *cries*. see, on tuesday coming back from lunch i was walking round the front (side by the football field) of the school to orchestra and there it was, in all it’s glory. a bmw z3 sports car, grey, gleaming in the sun. so pretty, so perfect. not convinced it was a present yet? i’ll continue. roof down, no owner in sight. keys in ignition, radio blaring sexy jazz, engine purring. god was giving it to me i tell ya!! she was all mine!!! but i was good.. and didnt take it… *cries in corner*

*sniff sniff* *blows nose and throws away tissue*

to finish off this lovely post i’ll include for your appreciation a few links of interest.

this car is awesome lol (compliments of ale for the link). even though as some people said ‘all that extra weight and air resistance’ you gotta admit it looks cool. i’d be afraid to leave it anywhere cuz people’d peel the shells off. you have to wonder tho… does it smell like rotting fish?

there have been more droves added if you care to view, yo.

lastly, for my promised ‘link of the post’ that i’m trying to offer every post, this video is simply.. fucking insane!!! i love it. its all the funnier that this must make sense if you speak swedish.. probably some hilarious parody of some political something… it’s so random!! check out the name of the page, too… and i’ve got to admit those credit card symbols at the end are the finishing touch.

well thats about it from this side of the fence, life is moving… forwards. s’not lookin all bad, though this weekend is the last for three that i will be able to do all i want…. next i’m going to tulsa, then my dad is coming… *dread* but i wont think about that now….

i’ve become addicted to ddr on the comp, though i’m not exceptionally good. i really wanna get a ps2 and a proper mat to do it on.. so if you wanna donate feel free : P

keep it real y’all and dont be hatin!

*bows* adieu

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Monday, October 20th, 2003

And They Came in Droves…

Schwa, i definately have more than nothing to post about today. Firstly, i’ll get this out of the way by saying click here for the droves. What are the droves, you ask? Click and find out, i tell you. (Translation: Hell, i dont know, i just thought it sounded cool.)

So moving right along to the main piece of news, I’m sitting in comp sci postin the post below and decide to check my references. I discover that I’m getting a lot of people coming from the same place…. so i go there, of course. Well turns out it’s this fairly big site that reads DFW area blogs, and they quoted my blog and linked me. Hellz yea! So that really made my day. So to return the favor I’m linkin you to FrontBurner at D Magazine (though i cant say i have that much pullin power to get them hits : P ).

Today was good also because I understood calculus, avoided a quiz in french by having a random metal detector check, wore my new ubercool pants, and got my driver’s permit renewed.


XTeamWriter1: SEE

XTeamWriter1: HA



Loweaugen: what point?

XTeamWriter1: that when things can’t get any worse they get better

XTeamWriter1: so HA


Loweaugen: hmm


…But on the downside I am getting sick and I didnt do my english HW cuz i didnt think it was due.

I did get an awesome windowblind theme to go with my ‘ed’ theme. I’ll post pictures soon.

Lastly, i leave you with this link to this awesome game/thing i found. To some of you this may not be new, but it’s worth playing again.. and again.. and again… teehee. For those of you who attempt to play… remember, think outside the cube! have fun : P


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Monday, October 20th, 2003

Meaning is in the Ears of the Listener…

[Setting: Mr. Bond's classroom. The class has just ended, and the eager young BC Calculus students begin to pack up and leave.]

[Because of a large number of absences, Matt, a studious Latin student, has taken Megan's place in the desk next to the slightly insane but reasonably restrained Emma.]

Emma [Packing away calculus materials into her backpack] : You have an off period next, don’cha, Matt?

Matt : Yea, I’m gonna go see Mr. C to ask about my girlfriends baby.

Emma: YOU WHAT???

Matt: I’m gonna go see Mr. C to ask about my government paper.

Emma: AHHH!! I really, really misheard you there…

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Sunday, October 19th, 2003

Life Goes Forwards

well i’m not exactly sure what i’ve been running on the past two days. as far as sleep goes, i went to sleep at 4:30am on thursday night and got up at 6am, then went to sleep at 4:30am friday night and got up at 6:30am.. to go back to sleep at 7:30am and sleep till 1:30pm. so if we start at midnight friday morning going to now (11:00 saturday night) i’ve had 12 hours of sleep (of 35 hours). i guess thats not too bad, but still, i’ve been completely awake and functioning as normal. and i even forgot to take my adderall on friday morning, yet still managed to make it through the school day without falling asleep or even being extrememly more tired than usual.

as far as food goes.. i ate fairly normally through friday (except for a small and late dinner) but today i’ve been running off of a drinkable yogert, some ice cream, and half a piece of pecan pie (i’m eating it right now.. but have stopped, due to my stomach not feeling so hot due to events). oh. and a glass of ice tea.

so how exactly i’m keeping going i’m not sure. perhaps i’m gaining my power from some invisible super force. hellz yea. or maybe i’ve forgotten exactly what tired and hungry feel like? lol.

so yea. my week continued on a downhill spiral through 2:45 friday (in case you havnt had the pleasure of hearing.. i’ve had the week from hell. worst week all year (so far). and considering it was a 4 day week, that is a whole hella lot of crappyness crammed into a short time). the last thing being my physics test, which i failed miserably. for one of the questions i just gave up and wrote: “unfortunately, i know little more about friction coefficients, slopes, and pullys than i do about speaking yiddish. i forfeit this grade to save my Self and my Sanity, which is why i will never be valadictorian.”

then i started planning my evening alone and things began to at least slow their downward spiral.

bry and pablo and i played video games well into the night, and i even won a few games against them both in goldeneye. we watched movies, and came across pablos new screen name in an epiphany that is also an inside joke. i adoped pablo offically as the little brother i have but who is too far away for me to do much with. then pablo fell asleep (aww!!) and bry and i played ddr for two hours. then i feel asleep with my feet near pablos head and everyone should be glad i did not give him a concusion by kicking him in my sleep. bry then fell asleep also. waking up at 6:30am, i shook them both awake and they left. t’was fun stuff.

then i returned to my slumber and my mom was pissed because she’d beeing trying to call but i’d unplugged the 303 line cuz elizabeths friends were prank calling ALL FUCKING NIGHT LONG, my cell was on silent, and i cant hear the 460 very well from my room.

i never changed out of my pjs and i’ve yet to take a shower. yey! dirty emma. oh well. i also stayed home in my room all day so it’s not like i was subjecting anyone else to my uncleanness.

so now it’s 2am and i think i’ll go read a little readers digest before i snooze. it’s been a nice day… a way to recover from my hellish week. i’ve refused to think of work of any kind. yey!

i got an awesome new background … it is here

i also now have an ed buddy icon.. i love ed, she is so insane. ^.^

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Friday, October 17th, 2003

Posting for the Sake of Posting

So i’m posting because i feel bad for not posting for so long. i donno, i guess a lot happened, i went to st louis and all, and i have like half a post started about it and a list of stuff to post about… but i dont really feel like much of it is interesting to most of you, or relevant much anymore. so… um… yea.

my google searches are on the increase and that makes me happy. what i dont understand is why my blog shows up so much for the search ‘love thoughts’.. i dont remember talking about love thoughts? oh well, now it’ll definately show up a lot more. i also got a search for “take ‘em off in bed” (???) and “emma bmw” (that is awesome) and “tea/british”, which also made me happy.

well. time for lunch. perhaps i’ll come back and finish my post of nothingness later?

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Wednesday, October 8th, 2003

How Em Stopped the Grinch From Stealing Christmas

TrippSkiggins: I’ve been singing Christmas songs

TrippSkiggins: It’s depressing me

Loweaugen: why?

TrippSkiggins: I miss Christmas

Loweaugen: umm

Loweaugen: it’ll come back

Loweaugen: i PROMISE

TrippSkiggins: rofl

Loweaugen: hey grinch, you cant steal christmas

Loweaugen: cuz i just promised chris it’d come back this year

Llenon: awww

Llenon: dammit

TrippSkiggins: HAHAH!

TrippSkiggins: I WIN

Llenon: meh

Llenon:next time gadget


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Wednesday, October 8th, 2003

My Blogs Have Titles

I’ve fiddled a lot and come up with this. if i dont like it, i wont keep it, but i’m going to try it. maybe i’ll try some otherstuff but not now, i’ve got enough shit to do!!!

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

a few more search results to add some amusement to the day:

02 Oct, Thu, 06:23:30 – Google: funny faces made by a kiwi <-- ......?????

02 Oct, Thu, 12:50:29 – Google: lamar high school HOSA Arlington Texas <-- too bad this isnt pointing to my other site...

02 Oct, Thu, 21:55:54 – Google: riot “parks mall”

03 Oct, Fri, 15:09:02 – Yahoo: bmw z3 computer chip <-- yeah! bmw z3s!!

04 Oct, Sat, 16:28:08 – Google: Cameron+black lace micro mini+pics <-- Cameron! i had no idea...!

05 Oct, Sun, 00:15:31 – Yahoo: pure emma pictures

06 Oct, Mon, 13:38:43 – Google: nazi swastika flag picture <-- *evil laugh*

06 Oct, Mon, 14:30:18 – Google: “a purple toaster” <-- looks like someone else was on Ale's challenege

oh and this article is pretty funny : )

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Monday, October 6th, 2003

*astonished look on face*

*mouth hangs open in surprise*

*eyes wide with disbelief*

There were no cookies!!!!

I work and slave for 6 weeks, dress up in my funeral outfit, put on thigh highs, and perform on stage.. and they didn’t pay me my cookies!!!

actually the saddest thing i found about the fact we didnt have a cookie table laid out after the concert was that it flew in the face of that long ramble i wrote: “sinking a little lower into the cushions of our chairs we can only think of the cookies and punch to be served, as always and as promised, after the show.”

‘as always and as promised’ awww… no cookies!!

but actually, this concert was probably one of the best, if not the best, concert I’ve had in my years at lamar. despite the ladders accentuating my wrinkly and falling-down thigh highs (and, of course, the lack of cookies), the night was a success, and a happy one at that! i was rather unhappy that we had to play second, because usually we play in order of skill (to put it bluntly, worst->best) but mr coatney wanted to spend some time warming up with symphonic so we had to play second (even though mr coatney himself has said we’re prolly the best philharmonic lamar’s ever had). but we played very well, and i can only think of one time when we messed up a little. overall i think it was one of the best-sounding concerts i’ve ever played. After we played i had to listen to the concert & symphony (i mean, i was honored to listen to those two orchestras : P ) and so i went to sit down and read ‘love greg & lauren’ a book i have to read for HOSA competition (in the absence of the beowulf which i think i left in english). between the concert and the symphony i happened to glance across the audience and who to my wondering eyes should appear but tri and mel (and also tris littlest bro)!

by a twist of fate tri looked across at me at the same time, and waved, so i waved back. then i motioned for them to come over, and they motioned for me to come over. well, i’m supposed to stay over by my orch, so i couldnt. so i had to try and express this via arm-motions. i tried some sign-language, but i dont think either of them know that, so it didnt work too well. finally they dragged themselves up and over, and i felt happy cuz they’d come : P and we had fun making whispered jokes for the rest of the concert.. i mean.. we didnt talk at all….

symphonic had to redo some songs cuz they’re trying to get a really good recording, and though i respect this, it was a bit much. tri left, and i dragged mel away to find the cookies.. BUT THERE WERE NO COOKIES!! but i’ve already talked about this, so i’ll stop mentioning it now.

anyway, i departed soon thereafter to journey home, where my mom made me read the program in the kitchen with her watching. my grandmother, two aunts, and uncle put in a box saying nice things and with my name all big and stuff and my mom, LA, and my sis put in a big box with my name and stuff and also a picture of me with my violin and my crazy ass homecoming-kilt picture! lol i thought that was great.

so, overall, i’ve had a loving day. mel and tri came to the concert, and that was so awesome


Loweaugen: and

Loweaugen: mel and tri showed up

Loweaugen: isnt that cool? i felt so loved

TrippSkiggins: I was in the back

Loweaugen:lol but of course

TrippSkiggins: long drive

TrippSkiggins: but since you asked nicely

Loweaugen: ^.^


so mad propz to tri and mel and tripp for coming to my concert, and other mad propz to ale cuz he’s cool and i know he woulda come if he coulda : P


RJetta8V: *gives emma a big good luck hug*

RJetta8V: XD


the rest of my day was a fluctuation of good and bad. in the good section is this story: mrs bufkin hated my rough draft of my essay about some poem, so she turned it back to me with all these ‘what do you mean?’ and ‘this doesnt make sense’ and ‘???’ marks all over it, as well as many grammatical and spelling errors. so she hands it back and tell us to make a final copy. well i’m lazy, so i open up my typed rough draft, change the spelling and grammar and obvious syntax stuff, and turn it in a day late. i didnt change any of the ‘this is confusing,’ ‘what do you mean?,’ or ‘???’ comments. i get it back (remember this is a day late!) and i get an eight!! a 94. WTF??! i so do not deserve that grade. oh well, i’m not going to complain. ^.^

the bad would be calc, which i only did half my hw for, and completley bombed the calc test. i have never bombed a test so bad. oh well. i seem to have forgotten every single thing i’ve learned in that class in one short weekend. must have been all that sleeping. go figure.

i wrote my ‘comparison of Oedipus and a doughnut’ today.. and that was.. interesting. esp since i didnt take a doughnut, since i dont like doughnuts. heh. maybe i’ll post that later.

for now, i’m off to write the half of the script i’ve been voted to write for my groups english tragedy. i think in the end tri will cut off his penis. i feel evil X D

OH! and two good songs:

cake – stickshifts and safetybelts

cake – italian leather sofa

(if i had the space i’d put up the songs or sommit, so you could listen to them like on aroons site, but i’m not, so i cant)

until next time, yo.

eat fresh, breathe friendly : )

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