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Wednesday, November 5th, 2003


Well it appears that the nazis’ve started blocking livejournals, xangas, and blogs at school. so no longer can i spend my happy 8th period truely catching up on everybody’s posts. this sux0rz. i’m gonna have to find a way around this… even though reading ar00n and bob’s blogs over and over is very entertaining…. you know me, i always want more : P . i think it’s the fact that ‘livejournal’ ‘xanga’ or ‘blogspot’ are in the url… something along those lines. viewing through oj’s ‘blog collective’ doesnt help, so any suggestions to get around yet another stupid nazi block from all you smart people would be greatly appreciated…

a funny little blip at lunch today:

Em: My life is like this… [makes a sloping downward motion with hand]

Tri: Aww… would you like a rope?

Em: [Looking taken aback] What, so I can hang myself?!?

Tri: NO!! So you can pull yourself back up!!

Em: …Oops. I did think that was rather evil of you…


Remember, remember the fifth of November

Gunpowder, treason, and plot.

I see no reason why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot!

Click the pic for more info on what Guy Fawkes Day is and why it’s uber-cool. the poem is well-known, but my dad used to say it to me a lot when i was little.

more nazi swastika tic-tac-toe has been ensuing, this time with ian… perhaps even more evil than previous matches with drew:

for english I’m reading catch-22 and it is really good. it’s takes place during ww2, and ww2 had the nazis… and this post seems very nazi-themed so i though i’d mention i’m reading catch-22. i only wish i had more time cuz i’m having to really rush through it to get it read in time. damn school.

and also, i forgot to give you a ‘link of the post’ for that last post.. so here you go, sticking with the evil and nazi theme: blode, food, griblit, and hairy. (referenced to in this convo.)

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2003

Fentanyl and Versed, Please

well fuck. obviously things have been going nicely for the last few days, so you know what that means. that means things fuck up. well, as usual, they’ve been quite efficient and done a good job taking care of that little mandatory task.

i cant say too much about the main way things have fucked up, because it’s really not for me to share around, but i will say, for those who know and for those who it matters to that i have cried and that i hurt. and that i hope, as pablo says, that it will get better, somehow. and to someone i say two things: please, please, please, talk to gentry… and please, please, please dont forget pablo. it’s unfair to him.

oh and btw before you decide to play detective, it’s not ale, i’m cool with him.

< attempt to lighten mood >

so today em went on a field trip to the docs. i dislike my doctor very much, but i’ll spare you that, it’s a post in itself.

i’m not dying or anything, mostly it was a checkup for my Adderall to make sure it’s not killing me or anything. i also got the paperwork for my quarterly bloodwork i have to have done to make sure it’s not eroding my kidneys or poisoning my liver. so thats cool, because i like bloodwork.

i also discussed with the doc this problem i’ve been having sleeping. it’s been bothering me on and off for a month now but last night was the worst ever. i’m hoping by putting it here someone can give me advice maybe? it only bothers me on nights when i go to bed early or i go to bed without being really tired. if i am tired enough to go straight to sleep it’s no problem, but if i can lay for a few minutes without falling asleep it happens.

what happens is i start to doze, then suddenly i feel a tingle all over my body like electricity, then a bigger tingle just inside my brain.. like.. i donno. like all the neurons in my brain are firing at once and it causes a feel-able jolt like a 9volt battery or something. the only way i can describe it is a tingle. but it’s a really uncomfortable tingle, almost painful. it jolts me back awake and i sit for a minute, then i start to doze.. then it happens again. last night it went on for an hour and i was miserable. i couldnt get to sleep and after a while i got scared of drifting off because of this feeling. i have no idea what might have caused it.

for any of you who might have suggestions it might be helpful for you to know that about 2 years ago i had another weird experience with sleep in that i would doze off, then suddenly wake up and be unable to move. not like there was something physically wrong, but like my brain wasnt attached to my body. i couldnt talk, open my eyes, move my arms, anything, but i was wide awake. if i concentrated really really hard i could usually move my finger or my foot just enough to break the thing (i use that wording because it was like being hypnotised or under a spell) and then i could move like normal. it freaked me out so much that even though i was in 10th grade i refused to try and go to sleep without my mom sitting beside me because i was so scared that one night i’d jolt awake and not be able to move ever again.

so yea. i’m fucked up somehow, but then, that’s not new, is it? lol.

any advice on why i cant sleep and all this weird stuff happens to me would be greatly appreciated….

oh and another happier side is i’m dating ian danahay (yea, that’s emily’s little brother). yea, he’s two years younger than me and the same age as my sister’s bf, but he’s also 6 inches taller than me so it breaks even, lol. naw, he’s cool. he, billy, pablo and i (in case you havnt been able to tell) have been hanging out and damn it’s fun…

< / attempt to lighten mood >

we’ll see how it all goes….

ps: fyi, Fentanyl is a narcotic and Versed is a sedative of the vallium family. when used together they make a very effective anesthetic and produce an amnestic (adj of amnesia) effect, sending you into a warm, drugged sleep. this can be applied many ways to my current situation.

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Sunday, November 2nd, 2003

We Need Butter OMGWTF

no posts in so long!! sorry yo, but life’s been like a mofo: hot, hard, heavy, and fast X P

more posts == more readers && more readers == …er…why do i want more readers? oh well.

where to begin…!! well, firstoff I’ll tell you about my driving experience. i’m now only about 9 hours away from getting my license and this is much happy news to me, to bryan, to my sister, and to my sophomore friends who cant drive. so on tuesday we decide to have a birthday dinner get together with my family around the area for my mom’s bday. well, my great aunts are the ones who can drive the least distance, and they live in denton, so we decide to go to denton to eat. in order to gain some hours i drive. well…. what a journey, to say the least.

on the trip we…:

got lost going there

got stuck in rush hour traffic

got a flat tire at the restaurant

replaced flat tire

had to fill up with gas

had to fill the spare tire (replacing the flat tire) up with air

got lost coming back

missed our exit

were driven by a student driver (that’s me)

it seems shit like this happens a hellalot whenever i go driving… makes normal driving seem like a breeze tho, so that’s good, i guess.

so hum… now my minds gone completely blank as far as what i did, lol. mostly just school work and homework and updating the HOSA and NHS websites and stuff like that.

i made second chair in orch, but i dun think that’ll last cuz Coatney says everyone did so bad we’re gonna retest and take the average. meh. my luck.

on halloween i was gonna go as a 3D axis but i was too lazy to print off a sign to stick to my shirt so instead I just went as.. me… i wore my sweet pants that are like khaki and weird material and my ‘c:\dos\run’ shirt and my boots. i also wore my cool little lighty-up bat necklace. think like blake’s blue necklace cept in the shape of a 3D bat with a red light. oh, and i wore my awesome fire necklace. after school i headed over to pablo’s house around 5. ian was there, he’s spendin the weekend with pablo while his parents are out, and billy came over. we scared little kids who came to the door with that damn screaming chicken and watched the animatrix, then watched ‘punkin chunkin’ and some girl who was being contacted by some freakoid ghosts called ‘mr gordy’ that was on as a halloween special. we also wandered around the neighborhood looking at the little kids and being generally stupid, but it was good fun.

bry went to the freakers ball. more about that in his site

so on saturday i was up at the crack of dawn to take the SAT II’s… what a bastard test. i think i did ok on the english and biology, but i left the math till last and my mind was fried and i was soooo out of it by then that i was taking way too long to do simple things so i didnt finish.. *sigh*

so then i headed home and tidied and packed and all that fun stuff and then headed over to pablos again where once again ian and billy were. t’was good fun, we played some halo, watched family guy, eddie izzard (fucking hilarious and with a british accent!! hellz yea!!), rejected, boondock saints, mallrats, and played a freaking hilarious game of truth or dare. we’re not too creative tho, we needed bry there to throw out some insane dares and stuff. it was fun tho, lol. then we all dozed off to sleep and pablos bed gave me a fucking insane backache that is still following me around. DAMN YOU AND YOUR BED PABLO!!! ian got sick in the morning, but then got better, so we think he prolly wont die, which is good. and billy was just insane. he’s so quiet and stuff at school and after friday and last night it’s like ‘wtf did you do with billy, you insane psychomaniac??’ but s’all cool.

i just noticed i’m swearing a lot.. oh well.

so yea.. it’s been a fun weekend!! damn good stuff. i’m sad tho cuz my dad is coming next weekend and staying thru next week and the weekend after… *sigh* i will disappear. no aim, no posts (cept those i make from school), and if you dont see me at school, you prolly wont see me at all. fux0r.

right now i’m ’bout to head off to the airport to fly off to tulsa to meet katie and go to the tulsa time college thing for people who are considering going there. i’ll be back on monday night (missing school monday.. another fux0r.. it’ll take me forever to make up all that work… GAH!) and i’ll see peeps on tuesday.

so while i’m up feel free to give the cell a call (808 EMMA) or im me on my mobile name (frzfre666) but remember on phone aim i cant get really long messages and if you send too many at once a) i cant read them all fast enough and b) any messages i try and send cant get through. i have unlimited messages tho so no worries about costing me money (cuz i know you’re all just so concerned with that : P )

oh, this is an amusing bit of truth, taken with a grain of salt:

Girls have a tendency to be bitches, guys have a tendency to be bastards, and thus a universal truth and toleration is carried through the ages.

and for your ‘link of the post’ before i run off to finish getting ready for plane riding is this one.. Geek or Serial Killer?

so! wish me luck, and i’ll see yaz lataz : )

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