November 21st, 2003 browsing by day


Friday, November 21st, 2003


i had all this happy post all written about my day, which was pretty much happy. but now, it’s not happy and so i dont really feel like reliving happy. you know how it is. english was ok i guess, but i felt really lightheaded and dizzy and almost like i was going faint even though all i was doing was reading readers digest. then mrs bufkin came over and told me off for not reading hamlet. like i can understand that book, i never understood shakespeare. i was much happier reading my readers digest.. it’s not like i was reading teen people or something.

french.. was usual. lunch was pretty good, sat with my soph peeps and joked and had a general good time and leaned against ian and read readers digest about psychopath murderers.

calc was.. confusing. pattern matching? i see no pattern…. i was tired by the end of it.

8th period was the best, but.. eh.. even the memory of that does little to cheer me right now, i just feel bad. the new computers came in and the old ones were finished imaging, so we switched them out. an hour and 45 minutes of carrying around computers with a group of mostly sophomores. it was good fun and a great laugh. plus it was computers. new computers. plus we got to keep all the windows xp professional disks that came with the computers.. so if you’re interested…. let me know…

i dropped a monitor on my hand it looked.. really cool. lots of raised purple and red bumps and lines with white in the middle. it didnt hurt.. but it looked like i’d severly injured my arm. dunno, ask billy, he saw it.

after school was fun, ian came over and stayed till 6.

but then the day got bad. *sigh* blogs arent very secure and i dont want more people to get into trouble so i dont think it would be good to disclose details now.

*later: 11:37pm*

well, things got better. cameron is in town so he organised some peeps together (me, mel, oj, matt) and we drove around, went to burger king, hung out at subway (way longer than is healthy on a friday night) and then went to the coffee house. i didnt eat anything cuz since 9 i’ve been fasting for bloodwork tomorrow (like nick did a while back.. for some reason that sticks in my mind, his post about that). then ian called and, simplifying things a bit, the result is i’m allowed to go over to his place and see him tomorrow, and that he’s allowed to talk on the phone as much as he wants, so that is worth much happiness pour moi.

for now though, prep for bed, phone w/ian, then sleep

*update posted: 12:55am*

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