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Tuesday, December 30th, 2003


fave xmas prezzie: purple cashmir (sp?) scarf bought by little bro

also got a now decades cd and a box of maltesers

big news is that a) i’m alive and b) the phone is working

i am sick. feel pretty bad.. had 3 hugs nosebleeds last night & 1 this morning.. tired of having a sore, runny nose…

er.. happy new year..

4 days till i return (not counting today/not counting the fourth)

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Saturday, December 27th, 2003

The Ice We Skate

is gettin’ pretty thin

The water’s gettin’ warm

So you might as well swim

My world’s on fiyah

How ’bout yours?

That’s the way I like it

Cuz I never get bored

yes.. i’ve had those lyrics stuck in my head since my brother started requesting that song over and over on the way home from the hartlepool game we went to yesterday. that and the ‘chikkity chinese chicken song’ (barenaked ladies – one week)

so yes. xmas. well. it… was. you know, it existed and all that. it was ok, fun and stuff, went back and forth, really. no snow, it rained. i got various presents, but nothing ub3r-exciting,

and.. fuck this. i dont feel like writing anymore………….

suddenly things are so worrying.. and i dont understand…

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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003

Rat Euphonium Sadistic

^rangen.r() title..

so yea.. that last post was very depressing. i was going to delete it but eh, i dont care. but yea.. i’m doing a little better than i expressed in that post… i am eating too much though. luckily a lot of it is fruit so that cant be bad for me, right? oranges mainly.. i love the oranges over here.. wherever they import them from is loads better than florida.

i didnt win the xmas lotto..

my sister and i have both been sleep-walking and sleep-screaming. on the first night here my sister walked out into the hall, turned on the light, and started screaming ‘SEAN! SEAN! GO AWAY! SEAN!’

i joined in a little bit later screaming ‘NO! NOT HIM AGAIN! NO! NO!’

i also woke up terrified and turned on all the lights before retiring to bed.

this was all reported to us the next morning. then last night i woke up and saw my sister flailing around in bed yelling something. i dont remember what it was, but i just went back to sleep. so yea.. make of that whatever you will.

we made mince pies today. like.. sweet mince. it’s.. er.. candy type stuff.. lots of fruit all mashed up you put into little tiny pies. good stuff. if there’s one thing i can cook, it’s mince pies. been making them at xmas for as long as i can remember, and they’re damn good. so future husband know this: if i cant cook you anythin’ else we’ll live off mince pies : P

so yea.. it’s xmas eve. we spent the day hiking around an old railway, having lunch at a pub, and heading home. we didnt have lunch till 2:00pm and by the time we got home at around 4 it was pitch black.. so that was kinda weird. the walk was ok i guess, we crossed a huge old viaduct and that was cool. the scenery reminded me of LOTR tho, so i thought of that. by the clothes they wear i’m guessing it’s a bit warmer in.. wherever that takes place.. hobbitland or whatever. (ok, i’m no LOTR buff. i never claimed to be)

my little sisters are so damn excited.. ah.. to have the innocence again. it’s all magic to them.. father xmas and presents appearing and all… yea. they’ve got huge long xmas lists of course.. “but,” they reassure us, “it’s ok if we dont get it all for xmas.. you can get the rest for our birthdays!” (jan 16th) so considerate, eh?

my little bro’s a diff story completely. he’s asked for just one thing for xmas.. and unlike me it’s not something big like a car.. he wants

orange tic tacs.

a funny one, he is, but great.

in australia right now xmas is well underway.. 10:20am (12 hour diff from here, 18 hr diff from us central)

so yea.. i’m missing people.. *sigh*.. but it’s one more day past, eh? tomorrow we’re spending xmas lunch in a castle somewhere.. but the tv lineup is only ‘fools & horses’ & ‘creature comforts’

no news about the phone yet…

some news from the uk

xmas number one song over here (this matters a lot more over here than it does in america) is Michael Andrews and Gary Jules – Mad World. a very.. upbeat and cheerful.. xmas number one.

the queens corgi got eaten last night by her daughters english bull terrier.

the hostage got let out for xmas


the first reported case of mad cow disease has shown up in america.

i’ll never get to donate blood at this rate.. *rolls eyes*

er.. yea.. it’s warming up.. supposed to be 10oC tomorrow.. and.. er.. that’s about all i can think to say, really… my head hurts, and my throat hurts. sick on xmas.. just my luck.

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

Every Silver Lining Also Has A Cloud

so yea. just time for another quick post. pretty much.. well, it rained last night, the snow is gone, and it’s cold. and wet. and typically british. xmas eve tomorrow, and the twins are about wetting themselves with excitement (isnt it xmas day they’re supposed to be excited over…?). my sis and i have our work cut out for us, as we still have to unpack the presents we brought over and wrap them..

so the phone i finally got, but it wont work with any SIM cards but vodaphone SIM cards.. so since mine is TMobile, we’re having to have it specially unlocked, which takes days… *sigh*.. but hopefully soon i’ll have this working somewhat sometime soon… a lifeline.. oh god how i would like one.

i’ve been managing to get online fairly regularly every night at around 10pm my time (4pm your time), so if you’re looking to catch me online (god knows why) that’s the time to be hanging about. usually i cant stay more than 1/2 hour or so.. but eh.. c’est ma vie..

i’m cold.. lonely.. and probably shouldnt be complaining so much, should i? and the first few days, like always, werent so bad.. but now, the novelty and excitement of seeing my siblings again is gone, and things are settling down into a routine.. i long only for bedtime every day so i can cross off another day mentally.. and i’m eating far too much. to distract myself i spose..

i miss lots of people. i wish to return.. but eh.. chin up.. presents soon.. and only 11(or so) days till my return..

sleep well everyone *salutes*

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Sunday, December 21st, 2003

It’s Damn Cold

yes, cold. it snowed last night/today, leaving about 2inches on the ground. it’s the first sticking snow of the year, though it says it’ll warm up & melt tomorrow, and there’ll be no white xmas for us, which sucks.

oh yea… hi. i arrived safely and all that. got bumped up to business class, which was awesome, because the seats recline all the way back into beds. i slept pretty much the whole flight cuz it’s so damn comfortable, being able to lie down and all. usually i glue myself to the tv and stay up most of the time, but this time i only watched the little channel with the map and velocity and outside temp and all that. it made me mad cuz it told me we’d be in an hour earlier than we actually were, and those things are usually kept pretty accurate.

it was a 9 hour flight, even though we had a good tailwind.

so we arrived and stuff, and took a whistlestop tour of london via the victoria station express (train) and a taxi that dropped us off at the giant (real) xmas tree in trafalger square that’s donated by norway every year. then a taxi & train back, a 45 minute nap in the hotel, a rush to the newcastle flight, an hour sit on the runway, a huge drop cuz of turbulence while taking off that made everyone scream, and arrival an hour later. then an hour drive to the cottage. tiring.

main point of my post: i have no phone yet, so if you’ve sent texts, i havnt got them. i dont know how long they bouce around looking for me, so i donno if i’ll ever get them. so.. er.. yea.. i’ll try and let know somehow when i get the phone.

good luck, talk to you all later. au revior and all that…

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Friday, December 19th, 2003

Operation Text Emma While In Britain

SEND ME TEXTS FOR FREE WHILE I’M IN BRITAIN! i cant write back much.. 35c per text going to america.. but text me, ok?? if you dont know the number, ask kk&e;, i dontw anna post it here. hearing from you will be great!@ you can text me from the tmobile site if you dont want to spend money or dont have a cell phone…

g2g for plane now! thanks you guys you are the best, i’ll be back on the 4th. HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS

if you cant be good.. be careful

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Thursday, December 18th, 2003

I’m A Drivin’ Mofo


in my last post i left off one big thing, cuz i’m stupid, and i post too late at night…


i’m sooo freakin happy. i am. even if i did forget about it.. yesterday i drove myself to LOTR and back again, and this morning I’m getting to drive myself to school to check in for french, then go buy some stuff at the store. (after that I have to pack, tho) SO YES! the em can drive! lol.. i remember in 8th grade after a newspaper staff meeting i met kathy (she was on the staff, of course, i wasnt, of course) and she told me about how they’d spent a lot of their time talking about me and how they couldnt see me grown up.. especially driving!

well, i might have been the last one to get my drivers license in my little groupie.. but i got it! and i’m not such a bad driver, either… X D X D X D

ok.. so i let this post sit all day long.. so i did take the car out this morning and drive to school. all went well, but i was worried a bit that with my luck that the 7 minutes i spent in the school would be when the security guard discovered my moms car (of course) doesnt have an LHS sticker and i was parked in the LHS parking lot. but eh, of course, the chances of that are pretty much nil since the security guards couldnt be bothered, and i cant blame em. so i checked into french, felt really cool walking around with car keys, and took my turtle to give to (bio teacher) to care for over xmas break.. but just before i got to her room then tri called and said he was waiting with kathy, and would i like to join him, mel, and kathy in getting boba tea? so i said sure, i’d call him back as soon as i had turned in the turtle. i couldnt call him back cuz he doesnt have a cell phone, and neither do k or mel… he was using some third-persons. so…. i headed back to my car (now parked in a visitor spot near the comp sci door) and listened to the radio…. and waited.. and drove to the student parking lot.. and waited.. and drove around, trying to find tri’s van.. and waited.. and drove to walgreens and bought some stuff my mom’d asked me to… and waited.. and went to eckards by big lots and bought other stuff that they didnt have at walgreens.. and waited.. and FINALLY just as i was about to give up and go home i got a call from oj.. well.. they had been waitin outside my room throwin sticks at my window. lol. so we decided to go look for boba tea.

kathy rode with me, and we followed tri, who is not a very good leader… ‘HEY LETS CHANGE LANES 20 FEET FROM A LIGHT WITH 10 OTHER CARS AROUND US… RIGHT…. NOW!!!!!!’ ‘AHH FUCK KATHY WHAT’S HE DOING??’ ‘AHH I DONT KNOW EMMA!!’ ‘AHH I’M GOING TO HIT THAT CAR!!’ ‘AHH EMMA WATCH OUT!!’ [unison] ‘WHAT THE FUCK TRI!!!!’

sooo.. we arrive at one boba tea joint and… it’s closed. so we drive another ages to another one and… it’s closed. i’m starving (no breakfast), so we decide to go to sonic cuz kathy wants a slushie. me, i want real food, so i pull off and go to arbys.. kinda on the way. oj thinks we’ve evaporated, so calls us to tell us we’re not at sonic. we, knowing this, tell him we’re on our way, we’re at arbys. finally, we meet up at sonic and they all order and i eat my luvly arbys. yummmmm!

then we head home. end.


SOOO the other big news is that i got a DDR adaptor and DDR mat from my mom as an ‘early bit of xmas’. which means i can take it to britain with me and ddr to my laptop (pretty.. mm.. laptop..). i’m happy, but i SUCK because, of course, i just got it, and i’ve not had time to practice…

so yea.. finally.. LOTR!!! dont worry, i wont say much.. cept for it’s really good! i managed to pay attention the whole time, and though it does seem to end and then restart a couple too many times at the end, it was really good. it’s such a feast of the senses, as i was saying to kathy today.. you just sit there and let all it wash over you.. it’s so pretty.. and sounds so good.. and *shivers*.. yes.. hehe. ^.^

there was one scene i didnt like.. the one with frodo in the dark cave with ‘her’ (there.. that doesnt spoil anything, right? actually.. it’s sounds kinda kinky, but you know it cant be cuz.. it’s LOTR, lol).. i thought it was.. eh.. not very well coordinated.. i kept wincing because it seemed rather childish.. but eh.. other than that it was great.. and dude.. i want that thing that arwen wears at the end.. that headband thing??? SO DAMN PRETTY!! i fell in love with it first time i saw it.. i’m so wearing that on my wedding day…. : )

so yea.. go see it… as if you had to hear it from me.. lol

i realised today i’m getting way to used to technology… i put a tape (yes! as in ‘cassette tape’ !) in my stereo and waited a minute before realising no little box saying ‘what would you like windows to do with this cd?’ was going to pop up………

so.. back to packing.. but never fear! two weeks is hardly anything, i’ll be back soon ^.^

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2003

Amniocentesis Means Stabbing Babies


Do You Have Mastoptosis? Maybe You Need Cephalorrhaphy…

merry christmas!!




           |  |         

be all happy and stuff that you got that, cuz it took a lot of boring tweaking to get it to look right : P

so yes! the xmas season is here and all that good stuff… we finally got decorations up on saturday due to my sister wanting them and having the time. i spent my weekend finishing my TU application so i can mail it in. yar.

let’s see.. what’s been going on in EmWorld since i last posted…? eek. it’s been a whole week.. sorry sorry… la vie.. c’est vite!

so finals are coming.. i should be exempt from all… i’d better be, cuz i havent been studying.. man, gotta love exemptions. on monday i went on my last HOSA rotation for the semester and was put with this nurse in station 41 who grew up in yorkshire, near sheffield, in england. that was really cool, since i spent the whole time talking with her about england and stuff, and she told me the names of some stores where i can get british food.

monday was also sightreading in orchestra.. fairly boring and unexciting.. and a test in physics. yea.. i failed that test. see, i assumed it woudlnt be over what he didnt actually teach us.. but of course, i was wrong : P

today.. lessee…. english was boring.. i recited my to be or not to be speech, then picked my reading book for next semester (1984 – George Orwell), then sat around writing my xmas cards while joking with k&e.; french was good like that too.. we had a food day. some people brought crépes & nutella & powdered sugar.. we had some brownies.. some créme puffs.. and sean harla (who would have guessed he could cook??) baked us a lovely buche de noel. so it was.. pure sugar day. i spent my time eating, talking to kelly baxley (britney baxley’s little sister… britney was in my french 1 & 2 classes… sometimes missing a year of something puts you in a whole ‘nother generation..) about doctors & operations, writing xmas cards more, and watching ‘the santa clause’ in french.

tomorrow there’s first and third period finals.. SUX FOR THE UNDERCLASSMEN!! X D.. which for me is HOSA and orchestra… so.. nothing. in HOSA we’re taking two vocab quizzes to catch up with being behind for some reason, and then finishing ‘and the band played on,’ a good movie about the history and discovery of AIDS… good stuff. some of it is french/subtitled english, too, so i can brush up on that mon francais…

then is orch.. we’re gonna sightread (blah), then the underclassmen get to take a fun 5 question final with stuff like ‘what is your name?’ ‘who is your director?’ ‘when was the 1812 overture written?’, etc. and i’ll probably work more on xmas cards, or read my reader’s digest. mm.. reader’s digest..

i’m hungry now.. i feel like eating some taco bell… yum.. taco bell…

so tomorrow i go to see LOTR. should be fun and good and all that stuff.

friday.. dreaded friday… i leave for the great U of K. the plane’ll leave like.. 4 or so.. so airport like.. 2 or so.. i’ll be coming back on the sunday before school starts (it starts on a tuesday). i’ll be able to get online sometimes, so send an email & watch for me on aim. i’ll be 6 hours ahead of you though, so i might be on at ‘weird’ times.. like from 12-3pm US time. i might or might not have the use of a cell phone/aim on phone/text messages.. we’ll have to see. hopefully there’ll be snow, that’ll be cool..

so i’ll post when i can, but i’m not gone yet! well i’m talking to someone cool on the phone now.. so i’m going to shut up and post this… maybe more later.. : )

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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003

Doe, Jane #2 15/F Head Wound, Amnesia

I just got back from a disaster drill at Arlington Memorial! pretty much this is how they test if the hospital can take a large amount of people coming in at once. so we all dress up with blood and gore and fake stories (school bus accident) and march off to the emergency room to act out our injuries. i had a huge facial cut and i couldnt remember anything at all. it was fun to act out, they sat me down and started asking me questions and i stuttered and stammered and told them i didnt know, but my face hurt, could they please stop it from hurting? here’s a picture:

i’m holding up my arm so you can see my wristband they gave me.. since i couldnt remember my name it says ‘doe, jane #2.’ they guessed my age at 15…. *sigh*… oh well. they wheeled me (in my nifty wheelchair) up to ICU (they had an argument about this, one lady thought i wasnt serious enough to go) and asked me more questions. they told me they’d be giving me a CAT scan if it was real and that they couldnt give me any pain medication since i couldnt remember if i was allergic to anything. then they relased me, since they couldnt act out any more without actually starting an IV on me or something, and salil, a girl who i know but cant remember he name right now, and I wheeled ourselves back down to the room where we were all meeting afterwards to report to the AMH execs on how their staff did. i ran into a wall and someone deemed me unsafe to be driving a wheelchair so he ended up wheeling me most of the way (comforting, now that my drivers license is mere days away, eh?).

as many of you might have noticed (or not) i changed up my little link menu on the side over there –>

firstoff.. dont anybody take this personally, please! the lists didnt look visually organised to me.. so i changed them around till they did. i put all the xangas and the livejournals together (but of course, blogs had to be listed first.. : ) ) and chanced the ‘little brother section’ to the ‘sophomore’ section, since i know them all better now. but that made me think.. next year, do i move all the current sophomore’s blogs to the main section and put the current college freshman’s blogs in the ‘sophomore’ section? : P i added a link or two too, or updated the name.

oh.. and that weird section for frank is just there till i decide what exactly i want to do with my menu. : )

moving on.. tri has requested i post this lovely variation of a well-known shakespearian soliloquy that i helped him start and he finished:

Tri is crazy: To fuck, or not to fuck; that’s the question.

Tri is crazy: Whether ’tis nobler to listen to your brain or your penis

Tri is crazy: To suffer the intorlerable pain of tension and foreplay

Tri is crazy: Or to take arms against teh frictioned shaft

Tri is crazy: To fuck, to love – what’s the difference?

coming to you straight from your salutatorian.. heh heh…

dunno how many of you have heard this, but i thought it was funny, so if you havnt, type ‘miserable failure’ (no quotes) into Google and hit ‘i’m feeling lucky.’ funny stuff.

oh yea.. and earlier we had some problems with the comments and them showing that i had none when i had 4 or so, so dont trust them, they’re lying bastards, but they seem to be fixed now.

the blood drive went well, though i have no numbers or anything to bore you with. i took the ‘put a little texan in everyone’ sticker and modified it to say ‘put a little mad cow disease in everyone,’ because i’m still mad at them. i worked 1st and second period, and lunch, and was exhuasted afterwards. my heart rate got really strange, but it’s back to normal now, so no worries.

that’s about it from this end… orch concert tomorrow night at 7, show up and get free cookies and stuff.

‘eat fresh, breathe friendly, drive happy’ – life mottos brought to you by subway, tictacs, and alamo

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Thursday, December 4th, 2003

Fun Stuff To Do This Week… X D

ok, i’m keepin it fast and short!

firstoff, Carter Blood Care Blood Drive is on Friday at Lamar in the library, as usual. If you go to Lamar, grab a sheet from mrs.key’s door (two rooms down from mrs.abel’s), fill it out, and put it in the other envelope on her door. If yer not a current Lamar student (jeeze, poor you) you should donate anyway if you possibly can. just show up, and that’s about it.

i’ll be workin first and second period, so i’ll keep ya company if you come while i’m there, drop by and say hi and give some blood.. s’all good! : P

you should also get your parents to come down and donate.

all ya gotta do to donate is be >=17, weigh >=110lbs, be off all antibiotics for 24 hours, have had no body piercing/tattoos in the past year, and not have visited britain for a cumulative total of 3 months from 1980 to 1996. (check out more eligibility here)

(guess which one stops me from donating.. and they dont even think mad cow can be passed on through blood!…)

if you’re gonna donate, drink uber-loads of water before you do, so you can maintain a good blood pressure after you’re missin the blood, and you wont feel as sick, mmk? also, jeezus people, eat breakfast. i never understood why it’s so cool not to, but if you’re gonna donate blood, please do! as if people dont tell you that enough, nobody listens anyway.

and yes, you get free cookies & doughnuts.

second, orch concert is next tuesday the 9th, so show up cuz it’s the holiday concert and thats always cool. also, i sit 2,2,4,4, which is very good for me. plus, they should have cookies and punch at the end….. it’s the same night as the HOSA x-mas party.. but that doesnt really mean much to most of you.

so see? two events with free food. i wonder if we combined the two we’d get more donors…

so come. give blood and enjoy the music, you know you want to.

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