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Monday, December 1st, 2003

Dubleyou Tee Eff, Mates?

well, let’s see. firstly, i succumbed to another survey!

(i actually filled this out yesterday, hence some of the answers, so it’s a day old, don’t kill me)

secondly, due to a math error by my mom, i’m mere seconds away from receiving my drivers license! well ok, so i exaggerate a little. but the feeling is the same… it is just a short time before i can take to the streets of arlington in all my rage and fury! no longer will i beg rides from people. i think i’ll actually miss that a little. but not enough that i’ll be planning on not driving…..

more good news is that I got my browsers on this comp fixed! i fucked up my registry for firebird while trying to make it able to run shockwave and stuff. so in the end, i lost my millions of precious bookmarks, and it didnt work anymore. so i copied the files from my laptop and just shoved them onto this comp, and voila, firebird is as good as new. it even recovered all my old bookmarks, so schwaness. that is a main reason why i hadnt posted since last sunday.

yesterday reminded me of an example of how cool the world is. for people yesterday was very sad, for two people at least i know it was very happy

Loweaugen: it’s like..

Loweaugen: just an example of how

Loweaugen: all over the world

Loweaugen: some people are having the happiest day of their lives

Loweaugen: and some people are having the saddest, or the crappiest

Loweaugen: you know?

cPilot 939: yeah

cPilot 939: i hear

for those of you who’ll get it ^.^ :


finally, you owe a very funny and hilarious link of the post to Katie, as she sent me THE END.


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