December 2nd, 2003 browsing by day


Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003


today i felt like being evil, so i dressed in my new black pants (that fit! much joy..), my red tank top, and my black lacy-holey shirt with my cool black necklace and earrings, and, of course, the doc martens. hellz yea.

a summary of the day: english was normal, mrs bufkin pisses me off more every day i swear, but today wasnt so bad. the people in that class are great (me, kathy, emily, tri, mel, and humourous figures) tho. hamlet is boring, and, as our class decided, a whiney coward who thinks too much.

french was good only because mrs eldridge forgot she assigned us hw (that i didnt do) and we did it as classwork, so i escaped a zero.

calc was ok i guess. it’s not an easy class for me, and i’m mad because i lost 6 ‘ap’ points for doing work in my head….. usually i show far more work than i need to, so i never ever worry about not showing enough.

eighth period was work. i finished my TU application and actually got a decent start on my essay AT LAST. when the bell rang, at the last minute, \ i figured i’d get more work done, so i called my mom to say i was staying after in comp sci, instead of heading down to the circle to be picked up at 3:05. i didnt get much work done for a bit, mel and tri and mike were there and we had a laugh remembering bygone comp sci days and complaining about the failure/cheating/stupidity level in the current comp sci classes.

upon arrival home mel reminded me of the choir xmas concert so a little before 7 i drove (with my mom in the car, no license yet) and picked mel up and went to watch tri, emily, and kathy. i realise there’s a lot of people in choir/orch that i know, lol. i managed to meet everyone afterwards and it was fun. i met kathy, emily, tri, luis, caleb, both Juniors, and saw a lot of other people that i vaguely know, some of whom i didnt know where in choir, heh.

it was a good concert, all xmassy and all. the orch played well, tho not their best, but with the choir directors directing the orch, good lord, i can see why. it was driving me insane and i wasnt even playing. afterwards mel and kathy and i sat around and talked about rpgs. well, k and mel talked about rpgs, i sat there and listened. lemonade and cookies, tho i didnt eat any cookies, and home.

i’ve added convos to the convo page here but i’ma just put a link on the sidebar and then bored people can check it of their own accord.

and i was informed that the link on my last post was old news:


TrippSkiggins: that AHH!!!!! MOTHERLAND!!! thing was on Aroon’s site a while ago…get with the times!

Loweaugen: ohh

Loweaugen: too bad

Loweaugen: oh well

Loweaugen: i’d never seen it

TrippSkiggins: it’s so great

Loweaugen: hellz yea it is


so i apologise for all of you who had to suffer through it again. i showed it to a lot of other people tho, so i dont feel like i did anything but spread the wonderful word.

here’s the next Link of the Post… it’s not nearly as good, but it’s kinda.. weird… so here..

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