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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

Every Silver Lining Also Has A Cloud

so yea. just time for another quick post. pretty much.. well, it rained last night, the snow is gone, and it’s cold. and wet. and typically british. xmas eve tomorrow, and the twins are about wetting themselves with excitement (isnt it xmas day they’re supposed to be excited over…?). my sis and i have our work cut out for us, as we still have to unpack the presents we brought over and wrap them..

so the phone i finally got, but it wont work with any SIM cards but vodaphone SIM cards.. so since mine is TMobile, we’re having to have it specially unlocked, which takes days… *sigh*.. but hopefully soon i’ll have this working somewhat sometime soon… a lifeline.. oh god how i would like one.

i’ve been managing to get online fairly regularly every night at around 10pm my time (4pm your time), so if you’re looking to catch me online (god knows why) that’s the time to be hanging about. usually i cant stay more than 1/2 hour or so.. but eh.. c’est ma vie..

i’m cold.. lonely.. and probably shouldnt be complaining so much, should i? and the first few days, like always, werent so bad.. but now, the novelty and excitement of seeing my siblings again is gone, and things are settling down into a routine.. i long only for bedtime every day so i can cross off another day mentally.. and i’m eating far too much. to distract myself i spose..

i miss lots of people. i wish to return.. but eh.. chin up.. presents soon.. and only 11(or so) days till my return..

sleep well everyone *salutes*

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