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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003

Rat Euphonium Sadistic

^rangen.r() title..

so yea.. that last post was very depressing. i was going to delete it but eh, i dont care. but yea.. i’m doing a little better than i expressed in that post… i am eating too much though. luckily a lot of it is fruit so that cant be bad for me, right? oranges mainly.. i love the oranges over here.. wherever they import them from is loads better than florida.

i didnt win the xmas lotto..

my sister and i have both been sleep-walking and sleep-screaming. on the first night here my sister walked out into the hall, turned on the light, and started screaming ‘SEAN! SEAN! GO AWAY! SEAN!’

i joined in a little bit later screaming ‘NO! NOT HIM AGAIN! NO! NO!’

i also woke up terrified and turned on all the lights before retiring to bed.

this was all reported to us the next morning. then last night i woke up and saw my sister flailing around in bed yelling something. i dont remember what it was, but i just went back to sleep. so yea.. make of that whatever you will.

we made mince pies today. like.. sweet mince. it’s.. er.. candy type stuff.. lots of fruit all mashed up you put into little tiny pies. good stuff. if there’s one thing i can cook, it’s mince pies. been making them at xmas for as long as i can remember, and they’re damn good. so future husband know this: if i cant cook you anythin’ else we’ll live off mince pies : P

so yea.. it’s xmas eve. we spent the day hiking around an old railway, having lunch at a pub, and heading home. we didnt have lunch till 2:00pm and by the time we got home at around 4 it was pitch black.. so that was kinda weird. the walk was ok i guess, we crossed a huge old viaduct and that was cool. the scenery reminded me of LOTR tho, so i thought of that. by the clothes they wear i’m guessing it’s a bit warmer in.. wherever that takes place.. hobbitland or whatever. (ok, i’m no LOTR buff. i never claimed to be)

my little sisters are so damn excited.. ah.. to have the innocence again. it’s all magic to them.. father xmas and presents appearing and all… yea. they’ve got huge long xmas lists of course.. “but,” they reassure us, “it’s ok if we dont get it all for xmas.. you can get the rest for our birthdays!” (jan 16th) so considerate, eh?

my little bro’s a diff story completely. he’s asked for just one thing for xmas.. and unlike me it’s not something big like a car.. he wants

orange tic tacs.

a funny one, he is, but great.

in australia right now xmas is well underway.. 10:20am (12 hour diff from here, 18 hr diff from us central)

so yea.. i’m missing people.. *sigh*.. but it’s one more day past, eh? tomorrow we’re spending xmas lunch in a castle somewhere.. but the tv lineup is only ‘fools & horses’ & ‘creature comforts’

no news about the phone yet…

some news from the uk

xmas number one song over here (this matters a lot more over here than it does in america) is Michael Andrews and Gary Jules – Mad World. a very.. upbeat and cheerful.. xmas number one.

the queens corgi got eaten last night by her daughters english bull terrier.

the hostage got let out for xmas


the first reported case of mad cow disease has shown up in america.

i’ll never get to donate blood at this rate.. *rolls eyes*

er.. yea.. it’s warming up.. supposed to be 10oC tomorrow.. and.. er.. that’s about all i can think to say, really… my head hurts, and my throat hurts. sick on xmas.. just my luck.

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