January 18th, 2004

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Sunday, January 18th, 2004

A Snook of Agreement

So I feel pretty bad for not posting for… ages. the magical fourth comment came on my last post and the fact that so long after a post i received another comment has inspired me to post again. or something like that. i’ll just say that. also the fact that i had to re-type in my name & address to comment on my own site made me think that perhaps it had been too long.

SO! what do i post about now. i could post about the events from the last week: let’s see, in summation i went to school and went home, intermittantly sleeping and eating as required.

i could post about some controversial topic: i am god, and i prove this because i often stare at shiney objects. abortion rights should be decided by a foetus-vote. we should lock bush and saddam in a small room with cameras and make a reality show about it.

actually, that last one is a pretty good idea.

i could post about a review of something new out there: big fish made me thirsty. some new game is probably has very lovely graphics. some new piece of hardware is probably the shizzle. some new book is probably bringing tears to eyes across america. etc.

but i’d much rather just post about something really random. like, why do they paint all the tree-trunks white in towns in the caribbean? speaking of caribbean, isnt pirates of the caribbean an awesome movie? i watched some tv last night, and it was pretty cool. i watched ‘simpsons,’ ‘law and order,’ and ‘csi.’ of the three, i enjoyed ‘law and order’ the most. one of the little things in it was about a male stripper who’d been raped by three women, but of course, nobody believed him, cuz obviously, women dont rape men, right? so that was intresting, because of course, it’s very possible for a woman to rape a man, and very possible for three women to rape a man.

so life’s been fairly busy lately. i spent the early days of the week slaving away to get college apps in on time cuz i’m a procrastinator extraordinaire. got them all in though, now i’ve just got scholarships and honor-program things to do. OH JOY.

on a personal aspect, life has been fairly busy lately. oh wait.. that makes it about the same. but then, is there ever a time when it seems i can separate myself from some adventure of the soul/mind/emotions or another? no. i simply thrive too much off of the adveture of it all (*sarcasm*). but right now, i’m pretty happy. in fact, i’m very happy. i’m damn skippy, as some might say.

but there’s some other things that are going rather awry. some of my friendships are in a muddle, and i fear some feelings are sour, or are quickly headed in that direction. for this, i’m sad, but unsure of where to head about it. if they’d rather i take my confus-ed, spastic, and rather tetanal self far, far away from them (and i dont really blame them) then i dont want to be making things worse by trying to reconcile. but if a bout of talking, explaining (in vain, i’m sure), and trying to make amends will do good, then i’m up for that, too.

for them having rather acidic feelings towards me i can see why, and understand. but on another little note, i think some may have sharp and pointy feelings towards someone else within my little cirque, which i dont understand or see reason for. i’m not angry, just like.. ‘eh? what? huh? did i miss something? ahh!’ (which about sums up how i often am). so c’mon peeps, direct the anger at meeee. vent towards the cause. even better, talk to the cause, cuz the cause is confuzzled (which about sums up how i often am).

whew. so. i have some sun chips. i love sun chips, they’re like wheat thins: damn good. but i ate a foot-long meatball subway (figuring out: ‘hey, i cant really eat this much’) and so i dont really feel so hot. but still they sit, tempting me. damn goodness. i’m waiting till i’m hungry so i can eat them. *prods stomach to digest fast0r*

shouldnt ‘ceramics’ have a ç on the first c?

i need more lemonsalt. i have only 1/5, maybe even 1/6 of a little plastic thingy left. that’s it. i’ve eaten all 4 other containers. i’m treasuring this last of my magical white powder, which wouldnt fetch nearly as much as crack if i tried to sell it (or produce as nice a feeling when snorted, i’m sure). so if you want to contribute to the ‘buy emma lemonsalt’ fund, just buy me some lemonsalt. or tell me a gas station where you can find it, as the FBI seem to be making it harder and harder to locate. probably i will have to set up a black market underground smuggling route from mexico. i can enlist the morenos’ help.

OH! and i give you The Washlet!!!! (courtesy of OJ)

as you may also note, i’ve updated the links, which are located along the right-hand side of the aircraft, and may be used as flotation devices in the event of an emergency landing on water.


Loweaugen: sweet jesus! dark chocolate

Loweaugen: and how

Loweaugen: *eats*


in closing i’d like to say i have a really cool new necklace and really wish i had a cool shirt to wear it with. a related topic would be that i am hopefully going to be getting many, many more geeky shirts soon, as that was my chosen christmas present from my mom (along with a medical dictionary).

remember to thank the little girl in your calculator! (only classes <=2004 in hnrs math will get that).

whoops, there i go.

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