February 5th, 2004

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Thursday, February 5th, 2004



i’m not dead. (the rumours arent true)

er.. yea. my heart-felt apologies for not posting in.. years.. well no, not really. i mean, i apologise (-ze? -se? -ze?), but.. yea..

*Cough* anyway

so, i’ve been fairly busy lately, but i’ve actually had lots of spare time, so i dont really have an excuse for not posting except i cant be bothered to remember and recite what’s been going on, and nothing extrordinarily exciting has happened lately.. i dont think. if it did, i cant remember it at the moment. well, i guess kindof exciting is that without meaning to i beat the pegs game on my calculator, which is kindof sad because i really liked that game.

mostly i’ve been sqandering my spare time away by working on a tentative new design for my site, which involved teaching myself how to use an actual picture-editing program that wasnt paint (which is what i have always used till now). paint is awesome, but unfortunately, not awesome enough. so i downloaded gimp (the windows version) and it’s pretty cool, though i found out that in order for it to be really cool you have to go locate a million random plugins strewn across the internet. ‘screw that’ i said, and set about doing things the very manual, time-consuming, and not-so-elaborate, but plug-in-free way. so far i’m very pleased with my background-thing and am working on the other aspects of the site. i’m not sure wtf i’m going to call it though, a spark of creativity has yet to hit me from that angle, i guess. i’m not even sure if i’ll a) finish it or b) put it into action, but eh, we’ll see how it turns out.

let’s see.. i’m sure more has been going on. mrs. bufkin is still pissing us all off in a very usual manner, calculus has been lovely the last few days due to project, acdec, and mr bond being sick, but is now headed back down the path of Dante’s Inferno (which i tested over today). everything else is usual, and physics is just plain annoying, what with all this CASTLE electricity crap that makes no sense at all. the thing that really pisses me off is that they avoid at all costs actually telling you the actual facts about electricity, or capacitors, or magnetic fields, or whatever, so you never know if you made the right assumptions or if you screwed your circuit up or it isnt working the way you think the packet says it should. like when it told me to tap a piece of wire across a charged capacitor and then see if it discharged and lit up bulbs in a circuit. dr reimer and the packet said the wire would cause the capacitor to discharge, so it wouldnt light the bulbs in the circuit. well, i guess i tap too fast (thy holy packet sayed ‘tap as faste as ye can’) cuz mine still lit up the bulbs.

two days ago i went down to barnes and nobles and treated myself to two luvly books, the five people you meet in heaven and lord of the flies. five people is a great book and i highly recommend it. it is religous to a point (heaven, duh), but the true message in it isnt [necessarily] religious. it’s a short read, perfect for a rainy afternoon when your spirits are low (as it was here yesterday).

lord of the flies is a great book i read for the first time in 8th grade, all in one night cuz i couldnt put it down. it’s definitely one of my all-time favorites. if you are currently in or are going to be in regulars senior english then you read it, but if not and you havnt read it, read it. i lost my beloved copy sometime during the 9th grade and since have looked for a copy to replace it. yesterday i stumbled quite accidently upon the 50th anniversary edition and it is very pretty indeed. so i treated myself, since i love the book so much.

mr jimmy jones (good ol’ jj) has approved for nhs a rock concert in march. bwahahahahahha. it was tris idea, at the beginning of the year, and it actually looks like it’s going to happen, which is very amusing indeed. nhs? rock concert? bwahahahahahaha again. so the planning for that is being slowly undertaken and brainstormed by me, kathy, and tri. (i’m not an nhs officer, but i swear i have more influence* over nhs than whoever else is. same with mu alpha theta. i love kathy. YOU MY GIRL KATHY!) so far we’ve got 4 bands playing: hamsterball, equal by six, silent pulse, and sean h’s band (dunno the name), but if you know any other ALL LAMAR bands that wanna play i’m sure it’s cool. it’ll be in that little area outside surrounded by orchestra, theatre arts, tennis, and some huge god-forsaken machine-thing with an unknown purpose (attached to the back of woodshop).

*when i say influence i dont mean in an evil, dark, conspiring way (necessarily (lol… j/k)), because kathy certainly doesnt do whatever i say, nor am i about to take advantage of her as my coolio friend. but she does ask me what i think of stuff and we often ponder together and talk about stuff. cuz we’re cool. just makin sure you dont think i’m out to get kathy or somethin.

lastly, short poems are often the ones that follow you around the most cuz.. they’re short.. and you can remember them. really, all i’m trying to do here is give myself an excuse to put three little poems that’ve been dancing in my head the last few days, from different places:

from english, good old john donne (weirdo) wrote this one:

John Donne

Anne Donne


er.. a little short, methinks. but whatever. he should have just waited a year and married her then, when she was 18. then it wouldnt be illegal, now, would it??

the other, from cameron’s site, by Burma-Shave (?):

He who sells

What isn’t his’n

Is headed for

Some time

In prison

heh. catchy.

and finally, this one i found while wandering around a graveyard in england (they’re so cool there, cuz the graves go back so damn far into the 1500-1600′s) on holiday in yorkshire, methinks. it was some lady who died age 21 and her husband was pretty pissed about it, since he loved her a lot, i think, cuz he wrote this as her inscription:

Reader beware

For you shall die

And be entombed

As well as I

i like that one. it’s so evil in a very truthful and realistic way.

so yea. that’s about it. i’m off to go watch little shop of horrors, which isnt nearly as cool as the other plays since emily isnt in it and is just an understudy (though that is an extremely honorable part, perhaps in this play even more honorable than the female lead, you know). see ya

ps – i’ll try and update more…

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