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Friday, March 5th, 2004

Label Label Label, I Made it Out of Clay

i remembered today during calc that our first worksheet ever was entitled this ^ and, of course, any calc worksheet titled the above (completely random and cool) is worthy of being a blog title, so i have given it the honor.

i have a car. i have no internet. sometime during the huge storm that went through DF/W yesterday afternoon SBC Global DSL got cut off to some of the DFW area, and i am one of the sufferers. it’s probably been about 24 hours w/o net (unless it’s come on while i was at school today, which i somehow doubt) and i’ve been calling their line to listen to the recorded updates. i called at 4:00pm thurs and they said ‘will be fixed by 9pm.’ i called at 9:08pm and they said ‘will be fixed by 3am.’ i called at 6:30 am, and they said ‘will be fixed by 9am.’ of course i was at school at 9, so i’ll be calling up once again when i get home. i thought i’d post from mrs abel’s though, just in case the net is out a while, so you all know why i’m absent from aim. you can, as usual, of course, still reach me on frzfre666 on my phone. please keep in mind that it is a phone, so dont send tons and tons of 2 letter messages, please. i have more than enough texts to accomodate lots of im convos with lots of people, but still, it’s annoying to do all that scrolling.

so yes, as mentioned i have the car. my mom went to tulsa and so she left me the car, on the condition i’ll pick her up on sat evening at the airport. hellz yea.

today kathy and i abandoned the usual b-day lunch rituals and she delayed the test she had to make up till after school, so we scampered off campus with the car i now have control over (i drove it to school this morning) and after a quick stop by my house to make a pb&j; sandwich and grab some soda we went up to gibbons park behind butler and sat on the slowly spinning merry-go-round in the sun, relaxing and eating and remembering the old days, and change, and all that stuff in the universe. it was horrible to go back to school. blah. urgh. florescent lights and urgh dark hallways and loud students. i think maybe after this, i’ll drive around a bit, though i have to come back and pick up the carpool, then maybe i’ll go drive somemore. it’s such a beautiful day.

so yes, pretty much stuff is going well. only an easy test to study for in english, an easy wrksht in calc, nothing in french, nothing in physics. hellz yea. a relaxing weekend. i need one. w00t!

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