April 2nd, 2004

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Friday, April 2nd, 2004


yup. i’m in houston, in the GIANT HUGE WAY TOO BIG galleria mall that goes on for MILES here walking around with a girl called jessica and we came to this mac store so i was like oo! ipods! and so i came in, set an ipod with speakers to play somnambulist (hellz yea!) and got on this g4 ibook to see if it had net. well! it does! hehehehee. so i’m happy cuz i can make a post, even though i’m having trouble with these keys and i had trouble figuring out how to make a brower-like-thing coming up. so yea… this store is.. actually pretty cool. you know how mac is.. so clean cut and stuff… this whole store is like that, all… shiney and new. i like shineys. i dont like macs, but i really want an ipod. it’s so annoying being in this awesome mall and having no money to spend!!! i have to come back soon with my money. i only have enough now to eat today and tomorrow (in half an hour.. cheesecake factory! which i’ve never been to), so i cant buy anything, no matter how tempting. this hot topic here is awesome, and.. well.. this whole mall is awesome. they’ve got stores here i’ve only seen in britain, like clarks and er… other ones i cant remember. btw, i’m like… 10 feet inside this store.. thats as far as i got.. hehehe… : ).

so yes, so far so good, the hosa thing is going pretty good. be home sometime by tomorrow. AHHH!! i want an ipod! *cries*

someone just came up next to me and is like ‘LOOK! so pretty! i want one cuz see? they’re so white! and they’re not too expensive.’ i really want to say something to her and her mother but i want the mac people to let me stay here on the internet listening to (now) barenaked ladies, so i resist… anyway.. er.. that’s about all i can say : )

bwahhhahahah ehehehhehehe i want money boohoohoooooo sob sob sob

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