April 11th, 2004

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Sunday, April 11th, 2004


ok, i might be inviting all hell to break loose by asking this question, but i want some input.

i perhaps have the opportunity to become owner of a car soon. i’m looking at a new jeep wrangler (x edition), but the gas milage sucks and i’m not sure if it’s the car for me. i’ve also looked a little at the Jeep Liberty (sport edition). but outside of jeeps, what cars do you think would suit me? what kind of a car do you think i’d enjoy?

price range is around $20,000, i dont mind learning to drive standard, a good gas milage is attractice since i’ll be buyig my own gas, and my dad would like it to be new so we can reap dealership benefits as far as servicing and stuff (my dad can work a car dealer well) (so no 40,000 used’s being sold for 20,000 on carmax, please). ok.. let loose and tell me what you think.

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