June 5th, 2004

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Saturday, June 5th, 2004

Judy Cannon Sucks Ass

getting my car seems to have been some right of passage. since i got it, my mom’s been letting me do pretty much whatever the hell i want, which is fine by me. tonight i told her i might spend the night at tripp’s house with some people to help build a computer, and, when at about 11:30 i still hadnt told her whether i would or not, she told me just to leave her a message and let her know what i decided. turns out tripp is gay and wouldnt let us, but the point is my mom is no longer requesting information about what i’m doing or what time i’ll be home. i just have to call or answer her calls every 5 hours or so to reassure her i’m still alive and i’m good to go.

awesome, but rather unnerving as it seems to have happened so fast.

i think my mom also just feels guilty for making me see that shrink today, though. i swear, she was the WORST SHRINK IN THE WORLD. her name is JUDY CANNON so you can all avoid her. please do. every time i said anything she would roll her eyes, raise her eyebrows, and give me that look like… ‘shows how much you know, bi0tch.’ and i wish i were exaggerating or joking! even if you completely disagree with something one of your patients is saying, or you know they’re wrong, if you’re a psychiatrist you dont make people feel inferior! at least i’m not suicidal, i’d hate to see how she handle those. argg! i’m just really pissed off at her for acting like a tight-assed bitch and at my mom for forcing me to go. i am considering burning down her building (judy cannon’s). she had already decided that i was wrong before i even walked in there. ARGHH. *breathes fire*

*takes breath*

i still havent gotten around to getting pictures of my car up.. i promise they’ll come soon cuz my dad is bugging me about it now.

in other news, I HAVE LEMONSALT!!

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