June 17th, 2004

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Thursday, June 17th, 2004

It’s Like a Personalized, Electronic, Fit-in-Your-Pocket Valhalla without Football

So apart from cleaing my room, observing 3 days a week, writing thank-yous, and trying to spend time with friends, i’ve also been compiling the beautiful, wonderful “Class of 2004 in Pictures” cd. It’s got pictures of various events this year, plus pictures of stuff from years ago.. like freshman bio and computer science 1, 2, and 3, as well as parties and gatherings and such. its all, as i have a compulsive tendancy to do, organised very well onto one lovely cd, and probably will include a little power point slide show with me making fun of some funny pictures that i’ve uncovered through this sorting.. it’s got 861 pictures and 35 folders, as of right now, though that will probably change. for the more recent events (graduation, prom, last days of school), i’ve included a text file in each folder telling about what the event was, when it happened, and who was there. i’m expecting it to be coming to a completion within the next week or so.. but definitely before july first cuz it’s got to be finished before i go.

so, firstly:

if you’d like to contribute pictures, please im me at loweaugen on aim, cuz i’d love to get more, this thing is turning out great.


if you’d like a copy of this cd, i will be burning large bunches of them to distribute to the world! depending on how many people want, we may have to charge some minimal fee of maybe like $1 or something, if you dont want or cant bring your own cd for us to use. the money is just to cover the cost of buying more cds. if you’d like to just give us cds to use so nobody has to pay, feel free.

NOTE: you’re responsible for picking up your own cds from my house unless you’re going to see me at some gathering, in which case it’s your responsibility to call me and remind me to bring it. if you want me to drive it to your house, i will, but i will be asking for money then, since it’s taking my gas and time. please dont be stupid, call before you come by to pick it up.. i’m not home every second of every day. but if you call me before, i can leave it somewhere where you can just drive by and pick it up. the only exceptions to this stuff are people like nick, aroon, gentry, and mel, who are all far away. if one of you guys wants one then im me and we’ll talk about how to get it to you all special-like.

YEY! so im me right now and tell me if you’d like one, cuz they’re gonna be cool, and they’re an awesome way to remember your 2004 classmates/midgits/elders (depending on your age). and, if you just bring me a cd, they’re FREE! and i’ve already organized them all out nicely.. what more could you want, eh? why not have one?

oh.. and dont forget to send me pictures *dances*

ps – unlike drew this is actually going to be finished, so, dont worry, i’m not building up your attention for nothing : P (you said so in your last post drew!! X D )

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