June 26th, 2004

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Saturday, June 26th, 2004

Spastic and Tetanal!

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wassup. i have a few reasons for posting this time.. hang on a sec i’m going to outline them so i dont forget

1.summer sched



okiedokie, now i can start. firstly, i’ve got final dates for my summer plans. so here you go:

(first some abbrev. =

DFW = dallas/fort worth

LGW = london gatwick (airport)

NCL = newcastle airport

USCT = us central time

GMT = greenwich mean time )

1 July – 4:20pm USCT – plane departs DFW and makes for LGW in a flying kinda way (LGW – london gatwick) (flight # BA2192)

2 July – 7:20am GMT- plane arrives at LGW, Em picks up her bags from awesome Gatwick airport, Em meets brother, sisters, dad, stepmom

2 July – everybody races to Waterloo station, then everybody rushes from one side of Waterloo station to the other, to catch the Chunnel aka Eurostar across.. er.. under.. the channel.

2 July – around 9am – depart London for Calais or Lille (not sure which) in France

*an hour or two time change.. but since i know know, i keep talking in GMT*

2 July – 11am to 1pm – arrive in France

*do stuff in the northeast of France*

4 July – morningtime – leave on the Eurostar to return to London

*back to real GMT*

4 July – afternoontime – arrive at Waterloo, head back to good old LGW

4 July – 5:35pm GMT – plane departs LGW for NCL (Flight # BA8077)

4 July – 6:30pm – arrive at NCL, pick up car, start drive to Allenheads (home)

4 July – 9:00pm – arrive home

some time near end of July – go to loch ness, rent big boat, ride to other side of loch ness in a week

(get eaten by loch ness monster and drown in big, deep, scary loch) <-- emma is scared.

about the 4th of august – return somehow to NCL

4 August – 7:20pm – depart NCL for LGW (Flight # BA8078)

4 August – 8:35pm – arrive LGW, check into hotel for night

5 August – 10:20am GMT – depart LGW for DFW (Flight # BA2193)

5 August – 2:20pm USCT – arrive DFW YEY (dance, cheer)

12 August – depart early for quakecon

14 August – leave late at night, return home

15 August – get up early, load car, depart for Southwestern University

so yup.. thats my summer, rolled up in a sausage. mm.. sausgaes. i only like british sausages, though, american ones suck.

oh, and while i was checking out flight times online, i came across this:

moving along, i’ve been observing with a Dr called Dr Woolf this summer.. but due to wanting to get this post out so people can see it before i go, i’m going to post about my awesome day observing at a later date.

so, the other awesome thing that i did, was go to the UTA movie night. it was just, outside, in the grass, with the movie projected on a screen on a wall. it was really, really awesome, like something out of a movie. just laying there on a blanket, staring half at the movie, half at the sky and the last flickers of the sunset, listening a little to the soundtrack and a little to the frogs. and them movie was the perfect one, too: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I had a wonderful time, it was so lovely.

now i’m just sitting here with my eyes half-closed (half due to it being 2am and half due to my contacts being somewhat the consistancy of.. raisins) and listening to some of my music.. i watched some late-night tv, most of which sucked, but i’m content. i’m in my little room, my little world. my little bed, all purple and indian-y, with mosquito-netting, awaits me, warm and snuggly. my room may be called by some ‘junky’ and ‘cluttery’.. but my cleaning efforts have put it in a much more organised state. even now, though, people might say it’s got clutter. i say no to that.. everything you can see in my room (that remains out after tidying) is either functional in my daily life or special. i am surrounded by memories and stories, and smiling faces and mementos. i’m surrounded by.. emma-ness. it emma-nates : ). i can look around while sitting at my computer and go ‘oh.. that was the ad i secretly tore out of a magazine at the optometrist’.. ‘that was from the orchestra trip freshman year to colorado’.. ‘those are some mardi-gras beads that a friend who knew i like purple gave me’.. ‘that’s a string of beads i made at mardi-gras in french sophomore year’.. ‘that card is of a picture my sister and i fell i love with in a little shop in the yorkshire moors’… ‘those cards are from our canal boat trip’.. ‘that’s the picture katie gave me’… i like it. even my AP number-stickers from this year and last have a little place, next to a cut-out from my french II bookcover.yes, i like my room just fine, and right now, i am very thankful for it. i cant say things look sunny, because they dont, but i can say that i’m ready to take on that which must be faced.

but first, say this out-loud:


whoops, there i go.

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