June 30th, 2004

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Wednesday, June 30th, 2004

Packin’ Up, Shippin’ Out

Yes, mon amis, it’s that time of year again. I am but a migratory bird, flitting with the seasons, flying trans-atlantic to my summer abode. It’s just very strange to me to think.. this is the last night in my own bed.. snuggly warm in my own room I adore so much.. tomorrow night I shall lay my head to rest somewhere over the dark Atlantic, 35,000 feet over the cresting waves, or perhaps the snow-covered mountains of Greenland (which I’ve seen on some flights, on clear and sunny days, and are quite beautiful). The night after that? Some strange hotel in Calais, France will offer me a place to bed down. Oh strangely fast-paced world!

My clothes are packed, neatly folded into one big blue bag, while various electronics and software still lay scattered, awaiting a space inside my rather large carry-on. Who says packing cannot be made into an art? Years of traveling and I can be ready for departure for a 3 month trip in an hour flat, though it would be somewhat hurried. Give me two or three and I’ll be completely self-sufficient for the whole trip, apart from food, though I’ll have some of that illegally stashed away too.

Last minute shopping must still be done, American Rice Krispies for my brother, Lemonsalt for me… Pack up your life! Move out! Yes, I can do that.

Laptop, CD player, MiniDisk player, GameBoy, Handspring… and a new camera, too. Yes, I will be able to document this summer just like I have so many others, even though my trusty Intel is gone. My new camera is a Canon PowerShot A60, straight off C-Net’s Top 10 list and boasting 99% good feedback votes. It’s 2 megapixel, but for me that’s enough. I’m very happy, it’s very pretty… see?

I got new glasses too.. and I like them enough I might even post a picture of myself in them online. Maybe. Maybe.

So, for now, I go. Email me, leave me comments, be like Emily and send me Snail-Main letters – I’ll update as time and internet accessability permit. I love hearing from people.. it gets lonely over there. Tahrah, mon amis.


Loweaugen: i hate leaving the world though

Loweaugen: i never liked the world to keep turning when i wasnt around…

xteamwriter1: trust me, you’re probably not missing anything

xteamwriter1: except that same damn drama

Loweaugen: luckily, in my groupie of friends, there is very little drama

Loweaugen: and very much pure fun

Loweaugen: like last night, when we played keepie-uppy with a blue plastic cup in katie’s kitchen

Loweaugen: all 8 of us

Loweaugen: and that is why, my friends are worth the missing.

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