January 7th, 2005

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Friday, January 7th, 2005

No Refills

Yea I’m up at an insane time, I know. *sigh* It’s cuz I’m 7 hours ahead, on Swiss time, so I’ve been going to bed at like 9, falling asleep standing up, and waking up at 2:30am yesterday and 5am this morning. It’s much more lonely this morning, last night there were still people online to talk to.

So I said I’d post about skiing in Switzerland and America, but then I thought about it and I realised that nobody probably cared, and I’m lazy, so I let the idea of a big comprehensive post go. It’ll just be short


Ok, the Swiss Franc (not in the EU) is roughly equivalent to the American dolla right now. ‘Oh great!’ you may think, ‘Easy price conversion and reasonable prices!’ WROANG. Everything in Switzerland is fucking expensive as all hell. A bottle of coke costs 5 francs/5$. Three hot dogs, two plates of chips (french fries), some soup, and a sausage plate for lunch on the slopes cost about 90 francs/90$. WTF. Ok it is on the slopes, but even in town and around the prices are still way too much. For the amount went spent on just renting skis and getting week passes to the slopes, we could have gone to Brekenridge, stayed in a 5 star hotel for 2 weeks, gotten 1.5 weeks worth of ski passes, and gotten skis, with a little left over. That’s my dad’s calculations so it might be some off, but the point is still made. If don’t have fuckloads of money, and you are American (aka, being paid in the American dollar), you better take out a second and third and fourth mortgage if you’re headed to Switzerland.


Here is one area where Switzerland comes out tops. You just cant beat knowing you’re in the fucking Alps skiing around, and coming home to this little town that really is a little village nestled into those fucking huge mountains that spread in all directions. They also had up a little Christmas fete thing when I was there, that just made the town all the more Christmassy and lovely. It really was a very beautiful place.


I always forget when I go to Europe that the people are rude. Well actually, in Portugal and Holland it was ok, but in France and the French part of Switzerland (where we were) they’re just RUDE. Of course there is a common connection between the French and the French-Swiss, but I’ll let you figure that one out. Ski-lift/tow lines are a pain at any resort, but in Switzerland you can’t just stand there, because there isn’t really a line, just a huge mass of people, all pushing and shoving and walking over your skis/board so they can be at the front! It’s like going back to jr. high, except there’s father’s there yelling at their kids to push the 6 year old girl over so he can get in front of her. It’s almost scary. People also don’t say excuse me if they hit you, don’t bother to avoid you when on the slope, and just in general seem cold. Of course there are exceptions, but I’m talking about in general. Of course, the French don’t like the Brits (we don’t like them either), so when in person-to-person interaction, that might be why they were short and cold, but on the slopes or in line, we could have been Swiss, or Hollandish (Dutch), or whatever, they just lack manners. Also, they all speak French. Though not British, if you’re American, don’t expect them to take kindly to you. Believe me.


The runs were not very well maintained. They are lower than the Rockies and so get less snow, meaning that if there are 3 days without snow, the runs are really brown, and they don’t seem to have any snow machines to keep them in good condition, they just put up those little crossed poles everywhere (or don’t, and keep you guessing). The views are really extraordinary, and again, you can’t escape saying to yourself ‘I’m in the Alps!’, but the quality of the runs is not so hot. Of course, this is on the very-extensively skied main/bottom runs, where we stayed with my brother and two sisters, so if you go higher up it is probably much better.

In the end, I’d rather go back to Brekenridge than Switzerland. Plus, more daylight hours, since it’s not as far North.

Well that didn’t end up being as short as I’d hoped. In iPod news, my iPod has been sent back, and whether they will be sending me another one or sending my money back so I can buy another one, I don’t know yet. I’ll call today and find out. I really just want an iPod that works. *Sigh*.

I feel weird after returning from the UK. I guess it’s the feeling I usually have, except joined by another feeling that this time… it won’t be going away any time soon. Usually when school starts it’s all good, but not this time. I feel rather down, so forgive me my unenthusiastic-ness. It just all seems rather pointless right now.

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