February 16th, 2005

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What’s in Your Pocket?

Wednesday, February 16th, 2005

Washed my ski-shell jacket today. I love it, and have worn it all winter long.
Contents of the pockets of said jacket:
Right hand pocket:
– half the front page of the Nov 7, 2004 edition of the ‘Travel’ section of the Sunday Times with information about the laptop I was (still am) thinking of getting if my Samsung kept (keeps) dying
– Villars/Gryon keycard skipass from Switzerland, this Christmas

Left hand pocket:
– pocket pack of Kleenex balsam tissues (British)
– very old squeezy tube of Carmex
– 1 long brown hair
– Amo Complete Blink-N-Clean lens/eye drops travel bottle (with grains of sand in lid)
– piece of bedside stationary from the Raffles Hotel, Singapore (I have not been there), written in the top left corner ‘Dem Sug.’ in my stepmom’s handwriting, ‘crisp pink’ apple sticker stuck upside down next to the Raffles Hotel logo, written on the main part of the note in pencil in my dad’s handwriting ‘Emma Hot water bottle’ later added in black pen ‘+ cover’ circled, and ‘Boots + J Lewis’
– very old hand drawn (by my dad) map with directions from our house in Aberdeen to our old school, Hamilton, by bike, with many landmarks marked along the way (with grains of sand in the folds)

Breast pocket:
– two foldable spoons. never know when you might need a spoon!
– boarding pass stub for Miss Emma H*dcr*ft on British Airways from London LGW to Dallas DFW on flight BA 2193 on the 5 Jan at 1005 at gate 51 (which closes at 0950) for seat 12J.
– card for Papageno Restaurant (in London) ‘The Show after the Show’, with information on the inside about the ‘Quartet Caberet’ every Sunday & Monday evening with younger talents that are “destined to be the virtuosos & divas of tommorow.” (as spelled in text)
– London Underground one-day off-peak travelcard for 23 December 04 at 0741, costing £4.30
– $70 WTF??! (i dont know when/why i got this or why it’s been left in my jacket pocket)
– Ayr Saline Nasal Gel (great for dry airplane air)
– London Underground Tube map

Grains of sand are probably from the various shells and rocks I stuff in my pockets constantly.

In other news, I’ve got too much to do to be writing this kind stuff up. Oh well. Have fun!

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