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Marinated, Grilled Sodomy

Thursday, March 3rd, 2005

I swear when I first read the title of this article I read it as Educating America’s Christian Reich. I think it’s more appropriate as that anyway. Note the excellent quote from the girl in the beginning:
“The people are the most important component of a society, and so that’s where the battle for the minds needs to be waged.”
Please tell me I’m not the only one to find that just plain scary?

Freedom of religion seems to be nearing the ends of it’s days. Or at least the full meaning of it. Of course, you can be whatever religion you want, as long as your system of values are exactly the same as the Conservative Christian Reich.

In other news, here are some articles I’ve found recently on BBC that have made me laugh or roll my eyes:
Man Accused of Biting Dog
Girl Eats Again After Seven Years

In other, other news, I went to the grand opening of the brand new Whole Foods World Headquarters in Austin today, with Lauren. One word: WOW! I must go back. I bought things, and they will be so good. Man, I love Whole Foods.

I put up this:
Auto response from Loweaugen: dear emma,
good luck on your biology test! you are awesome!
love emma

I got back this:
got no parachute: dear emma,
good luck on your biology test! you are awesome!
love amanda

happymaigirl: Dear Emma,
Good luck on your biology test! You are awesome!
Love Lauren
ladywolfe4848: dear emma,
ladywolfe4848: good luck on your biology test! you are awesome!
love Shalane

Quote of the week:
In reference to an “Ass-Kabob”:
Lauren: That sounds like marinated, grilled sodomy.

Edit: Wow! I completely forgot the important news that SU now has facebook! Yea… I know, I know, we’re behind. But hey, we’re smaller than Lamar so what can you expect, eh? Anyway, if you haven’t yet, go make me your friend.

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