May 10th, 2005 browsing by day


Life is Busy But Not Exciting

Tuesday, May 10th, 2005

Today I set up a meeting this Friday that will be the signing of the first of the contracts to buy the house and the inspection of the house: the beginning of the end of all this house stuff. Man, it has not been easy. I look forward to the reward of having my own room and kitchen (and bathroom!) when school starts next semester, though. I know Laura-Pop is excited to have a kitchen.

What else what else… looks like I’ll be observing with an obstetrician in May/June and hopefully doing Highland dancing with a lady once or twice a week. I’ll be leaving for the UK 16th or 17th of June this year, and returning 1st or 2nd of August.

Can’t really think of much else exciting that is going on right now.. trying to get everything sorted out is keeping me busy… that and playing stupid games and watching too many dvds. I think a lot of people are finishing up finals this week, so good luck to everyone.

Hum. I am sorry this post is pointless. Maybe in a few days I’ll post again with something a little more worthwhile.

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