August 4th, 2005 browsing by day



Thursday, August 4th, 2005

So I’m back, and I’m alive, and all that good stuff. And, like any good person, I am promply abandoning you all to head on down to Georgetown and see my condo and all it’s new furniture! It seems like everyone has seen it but me. So I’ll be gone from about noon today till Saturday evening, at the condo, but I’ll have my laptop, and apparently someone in the neighborhood has an unsecured wireless network, so I should be online from time to time down there. Then on Sunday I’ll be going to my grandmother’s farm for a late birthday celebration for my stepdad and myself, and returning on Monday, from whence I shall be free until school starts on August 29th, apart from a few more trips down to the condo I’ll have to make.

So, yup. The UK was fun and all, and it was great being around the twins and Kenneth – Kenneth got me Half Life 2 for my birthday, which is just proof of what a super-awesome brother he is. I swear, he gets more fun every year. I’m officially the biggest wuss in the world, though, after having nightmares about HL2 after playing it *sheeping smile*. I get too into games when I play them, as anyone who’s seen me play Serious Sam knows.. heh.

Well, have fun.

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