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Monday, September 26th, 2005

So I just discovered that my Mosby’s Medical, Nursing, and Allied Health Dictionary has a list of the top 200 drugs prescribed in this country. I thought I’d share the top 10 with everyone, and what they are prescribed to treat.

1. Premarin – Menopause
2. Synthroid – Hypothyroidism
3. Lipitor – High Cholesterol
4. Prilosec – Heartburn
5. Norvasc – High Blood Pressure
6. Prozac – Depression
7. Claritin – Allergies
8. Zithromax – Antibiotic (used to treat bronchitis, pneumonia, stds, etc)
9. Zoloft – Depression
10. Glucophage – Type 2 Diabetes

Interesting insight into our country, c’est non? The first thing that strikes me is that the only thing that’s listed twice is depression! What a miserable country we are. And I can’t help but wonder how many of the things on that list are affected in some part by the obesity epidemic in America.

Oh and by the way, for those wondering, Viagra is number 37.

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Touched by His Noodly Appendage

Saturday, September 17th, 2005

TWO PEOPLE have actually complained to me that I have not updated my site. This was way more than I expected, so I got up off my ass, walked to my computer, and got back on my ass, and here I am, typing away into this familiar white box atopped with little buttons like ‘spellcheck’ that don’t work. I apologise apologize apologise for not writing sooner. I probably have had things to write about, and I’ve spent enough time procrastinating to not be able to say I’ve been too busy to write… So I guess the only conclusion that can be drawn is that I’m just too damn lazy! Yes, it’s true. I am a lazy bum. But I’m actually having a lot of fun right now, so hopefully regular postings will commence henceforth. It’s all about just getting back into the flow of things, what what?

School. School is ok. I really don’t like school, and would much rather be out working at some place that I only dislike a little and making lots of money to buy all the things I could possibly want. Of course, reality isn’t like that, so I stay in school instead, wasting the best years of my life on going to class and learning useless things I will only ever apply once or twice in my life. (And from the size of my organic chemistry class, if I ever really needed to know something about ochem sometime in my life, there would obviously be someone nearby that I could ask.)

House. House is really neat. I highly recommend to anyone living in a small shack or pile of leaves to give a house a try. Yea, it’s a pain in the butt to buy one, but having doors, windows, and cooking/washing appliances really makes life much more enjoyable. I myself finally finished a few weeks ago unpacking all my stuff (also known as ‘crap’ or ‘shit’) from boxes, and discovering I have what is commonly known as ‘floor space’. It’s lovely to have my own room with a lockable door, so I can keep Lauren out when she’s having one of her rabid fits, and my own big bed to fall asleep on with my arms and legs fully outstretched without hanging off the edges. I also enjoy having a full-size fridge, nice microwave, oven and stove (though I’ve yet to really use these), dishwasher, and personal washer and dryer. Lauren cooks good food that’s healthy, and life is good.
Recently we even added some final touches by not only getting the internet and a working wireless network, but also a TV and DVD player! Yes yes, it’s true. The TV we now own is a Sony somethingorother, with a 27″ screen. It looks pretty much like this:

Except that this is the 20″ version, and as I just said, ours is 27″. I couldn’t find the actual tv that we bought on Amazon. Anyway, it’s so far a great TV.

The DVD player we bought is a JVC that’s been broken into and beaten until it plays DVDs from any region. It looks like this:

So far it’s been a great DVD player, and will play anything I feed it! Even small children, midgits, and dogs! You haven’t experienced TV if you haven’t seen that. The TV and DVD work together very well after I spent way too much money on some cords to connect them that make the picture really lovely. Not sure if it was worth the money, but it’s no turning back now, so I’ll just say it was.

I think this will also be an appropriate time to announce some important announcements! My aunt is getting married, but more importantly, on Monday, 26 September 2005 I will be 1,000 weeks (7,000 days) old! This is obviously an important event in my life – my own millenium of sorts! So feel free to send presents and cards on this joyous occasion. Figure out your own important dates here.

And for those of you who have not yet jumped onto the bandwagon seen the Holy Light, I am here to preach to you the glorious mercy and wonderful word of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The impact this site is making is truly wonderous! (Read What the Experts are Saying)

May His glorious Noodly Appendages bless us
and keep us in His Sauce.

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