December 8th, 2005 browsing by day


Les Chaussettes Du Jour

Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Les chaussettes de Noël du jour pour le 8 décembre
Snowflakes and Icicles!

I am fond of these socks because they are so spastic! Why pick between reindeer OR Christmas trees when you can have them both in one sock! It’s like an Christmas epileptic seizure on a sock. That makes this pair rank high.

Today was an ice day – no school! I went sliding on the ice. Perhaps pictures will come later.

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Nietszche: Emma is Better

Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Loweaugen: what is your paper about?
Loweaugen: write it about me
got no parachute: nietzsche
Loweaugen: title is Nietzsche: Emma is Better
got no parachute: LOL
Loweaugen: ‘Nietzsche was a very important figure in the development of philosophy through the ages, but Emma has played a more vital role in history today.’
Loweaugen: then just continue on about me

Yesterday I sent out an email to the su-students public mailing list and started a huge email war! More emails based on my email were sent in one day (half a day actually) than on any given day during the election. It has also spawned another email war about email wars.

I feel like this is a right of passage : ). I’m not sure what into, though.

(For the curious, the email I sent had some thoughts about the recent concern over the fairness and correct handling of trials concerning sexual assaults in frat houses. They were well worded… I didn’t mean to start what’s being called ‘The Great Email War of 2005′…)

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The Ice!!

Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Today was such a medley! Where to start, where to start??

When I awakened this morn, it was a grey and groggy day, and the temperature was 45o. As I’m sure most of you know, that was the high today – it was downhill from there! So off I tromped at 8am to my biology class, and then my chem class. Anyway, as the day went on it got colder and colder, and rumours started to spread about ice storms and snow flurries tonight. Exciting! Oh so exciting!

Anyway, I knew it was very cold, but I didn’t know how cold until Lewis came and rang our doorbell to show us around the house next door. Oh man! This was about 5:30. We opened the door and it was like the Artic blew in! And, because I accidently messed up the sprinklers, they had gone off about 5 and sprayed everything all wet, so everything was covered in a thick layer of ice! The path was all icy, and so was the driveway. The rain was half-frozen and probably froze as soon as it touched the ground. We saw the house next door, which is very nice, and came back. At 7:15 I set off carefully to drive to my ochem test, and it was freezing. The roads didn’t seem too bad. At around 9:30 I came out of my test only to almost break my neck on the sidewalk! The rain had turned to really freezing rain, and was covering everything in a layer of slippy ice. Fun stuff! Then I got to my car. It had been covered in a layer of slippy ice too. The doorhandle and door cracked as I moved them, because of the breaking layer of ice. I turned on my defrost full blast, but it wasn’t doing much. My windsheild wipers wouldnt even move when I turned them on, so I pulled out a plastic ruler and got scraping. Oh what fun! I never thought I’d be scraping big chunks of ice off my car in Georgetown! After clearing the relevant windows and mirrors, I set off driving home. Again, the roads didn’t seem too bad, though I did get stuck spinning a bit on the little incline at the bottom of our driveway. But I made it into the garage eventually.

Excitedly, I jumped out my car and called to Lauren ’round the door to come slide with me! I ran on the grass, jumped into the driveway, and slid on my feet a good 10 feet. Ahh, sliding on ice! I’ve never done it before in the Texas, only in the UK (places I have been skiing don’t count). Our driveway was a purfect ice skating rink, and though Lauren thought it too cold after a few minutes, I stayed out and slid in the dark cold for a full 10-15 minutes before I decided I was probably going to catch my death, or fall to my death, as I could no longer feel half my feet. So I headed inside. I’ve checked from time to time, and everything is so pretty and icy! I love this weather. Lauren and I made walnut brownies and ate them hot hot hot from the oven, inside our cozy little home with the ice scraping on the windows and the wind howling at the door. Oh it’s wonderful!

I love how sparkley and crunchy and slippery and shiney everything is! Yey for super-cold weather!

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