December 15th, 2005 browsing by day



Thursday, December 15th, 2005

Well I’m home again. Stayed up till 4 last night packing and drove home this morning. How is home? You might ask. Well, home is empty. Everyone went out to do whatever various things they do whenever I come home.

I meant to get up at 7 this morning, and finish packing, and leave early, since I had this appt in Ft Worth with an oral surgeon. I overslept my alarm 3 hours, and so ended up packing like a madman. Dr.Oral Surgeon tells me I need my teeth out. I’m not doing shit till someone actually sits down and talks to me. Everyone’s in such a huge rush to get to the next patient. Also, no one will answer my questions fully. They’re afraid too much detail will freak me out, but to me, having observed and had loads of wonderfully bloody and bone-saw-involving proceedures explained to me while I watched them, not knowing what they’re doing freaks me out. Anyway, they’re all full of shit. My roots are fully grown and near my nerve, so there’s a higher chance I’ll have a numb jaw. Anyway, the whole thing seems really stupid to me. They don’t even hurt. If they hurt later I’ll worry about them then. Jackass doctors.

Anyway, that’s all.

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