June 25th, 2006

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You’re Crazy, Crazy

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

Well, mostly what I’ve been up to is the final preparations for AJ and my trip. I’m excited and happy. I’ve hoped to show people my ‘other life’, and now I’m getting to. I’m a little nervous, I will admit, about missing a train, or not knowing wtf you do in a hostel where I’ll be sharing a room with 9 complete strangers that are female. (I was going to word that ’9 complete female strangers,’ but that’s just…. yea.) Also about general stuff like getting lost and getting stuff stolen (or lost) and lastly about getting caught in the incoming tide while crossing to Holy Island and drowning/freezing in about 10 minutes the icy cold North Sea.

I am planning on taking lots of pictures, and I will hopefully get to share them with you either upon the completion of the trip or my return to the US. Yey! I will probably not get to update much for the next 2 weeks as I won’t have my laptop with me and I can’t say I’ve ever seen an internet cafe in the UK, though I’m sure they’re around somewhere. Anyway, I daresay that updating my blog will be least on my mind during my exciting adventure!

Here is a short to-do list of what I must get done tomorrow. This is as much for my sucky memory as it is to inform you all:
- Packing
- Get Ziploc, Rice Krispies, and Mentos for dad (yea… weird I know)
- Download pictures from camera
- Get car serviced
- Don’t forget money, Aberdeen key, and map

Now I’ve got to finish this off, Greek-style:

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