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School Starts Monday

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

And I am wishing with every atom in my body that it doesn’t. I was excited. Now I’m already apathetic. Usually it takes me at least 2 weeks to move into that stage… after school starts. Oh well. Another thing that is bugging me is that I have jogging at 8am on Monday and I don’t know whether I’m expected to show up in running clothes the first day or not. Also don’t know if I’ll be given time to shower and change afterwards or if everyone in my next two classes gets a bag of smelly Emma treat.

Also lab. WTF. I hate labs. They’re so long. And consist of so much waiting. Especially in OChem. Hopefully this Fri (yes, I’m so lucky I have Fri lab) will be washing your glassware day, like it was last year at SU. After a yearpointfive of water-acetone-water-soap-water-acetone, I’ve got that pretty well down. My fingers remember well, anyway. Man, they had the best-smelling soap in that ochem lab at SU. There was one, ‘Berry Blast’ or some shit, that smelled like the powdered mix fruit drink shit they used to give us after Sunday School in my old church. Back when we were small enough you could actually give the whole congregation juice without breaking out major army ops.

Tomorrow I’m going to Ikea. Never been there before. Should be an interesting experience, with all the babble I’ve heard about it.

And this dude keeps calling me, at like 9 at night and 7:30 in the morn. Angry cuz I didn’t send him a key. A key? I never knew anything about sending a key, so don’t get angry at me, boy. WTF, a stalker, I hear you say. No. He’s my realtor. I’ll send you a key after I sign a contract saying you aren’t going to fucking burn my house down or some shit, mister. Yea. Don’t rush me. I run this shit. I pay you.

I think I was supposed to type some song lyrics here, but I forgot.

Also, if you need a TV my dad is probably going to make me sell mine, so come and get it. But pay me, damnit. Don’t just take it. That’s mean.

And if you know where I should put this shelf, or where my calendar is (the animal one, not the Happy Family one or the 365 one – I found those), or where to hang the whiteboard in my office, please let me know.


Also, will these nails hold up this coathanger thingy?

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Nothing Wrong with Beanbag Chairs

Monday, August 14th, 2006

Well, for those of you that didn’t know, I am not going to Southwestern anymore. Yes, this is the end of my time there. Things were not working out, and overall I was not very happy, and felt I was missing out on vital college experience and fun that can only happen during college with your friends. Anyway, now I’m going to TCU. And no, not just because they’re purple. But poop. I certainly look like I’ve got more school spirit than God now. Oh well. You all know the real reason… That I love purple.

So, the condo is up for rent/sale, and I’m in an awesome apartment in Fort Worth. It’s still a big mess right now – boxes everywhere and a distinct lack of living room furniture. Also a distinct lack of internet : (. So you won’t see me online much. However, the apt is nice, especially after my mom and I have practically scrubbed our hands raw cleaning the floors and lined every shelf and cabinet to be seen! It’s really taking shape and I’m very happy. Every day it looks better and better.

So! If you’re in town or just nearby, give me a call and swing by so I can show it off to you! And remember, now that I’m back in the Metroplex I’m nearby for any fun that may be happening, so be sure and keep in touch!


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I Forgot

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

I realised I forgot to put on my list of birthday presents one of the best presents of them all: from AJ I got a beautiful woolen purple tartan scarf. *smiles*

Purple. Yes.

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A Story That Made Me Laugh

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

” You know how I learnt my name?
I learnt it the strangest way.
I just was sitting on the toilet, right, and I had my name sewn on the front [inside] of my trousers, right, and I looked at ‘Hodcr*ft’ and I went ‘Hod’ ‘Cr*ft’ and spelt it out, ‘Hod’ ‘Cr*ft’ ‘H-O-D-C-R-*-F-T’ ‘Hod’ ‘Cr*ft’ ’till I learnt it! “
- Alice Hodcr*ft
age 8

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