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Want a Little Update? Here, I Throw it at You

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

My community orchestra’s first-ever concert went very well. It was yesterday at the Hope Community Church (though sponsered by the church, the orchestra is not ‘religious’ or else I wouldn’t be part of it). It was a Christmas concert with lots of good Christmas songs (my favorite to play, aside from good old fiddle music). It was fun to get all dressed up to play violin again. I was the whole second violin section.

While arranging my pre-lit 4.5ft Christmas tree, I happened to touch a broken bulb with the two filament wires sticking out. I had the lights plugged in, the unsuspecting person that I am, and where the two wires touched my thumb, they literally melted my skin. I felt them slide about half a centimeter into my skin, like a wire going into butter. They just burned their way down. It wasn’t that they were sharp – it was the current. The flesh between where the two wires went in is completely dead – deep fried, I suppose. The wound didn’t bleed from the two charred (yes, they were black) holes, of course, because it was instant cauterization. Also, my arm muscles (both arms) had huge spasms that left me aching for about 24 hours. I’ve been shocked by broken Christmas light bulbs before – but holy shit – never like this.

Last night while I was walking back to my car in downtown Ft Worth after dinner with family after the orch concert, a photographer stopped me and asked me to pose with my mom in front of the Christmas tree for some publicity photos for Sundance Square. Don’t know if they’ll be used, but if they are, I shalt be famous yet again. I’m really in demand this season – the 2006 hot gift, I suppose.

Finished ‘Cat’s Cradle’ and ‘Animal Farm’ – deciding what to read next.

Off topic, but appalling: Please read this story about how much the catholic church sucks. Not surprising, but never fails to irk me.

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