December 8th, 2006 browsing by day


‘Tis the Season to Evaluate

Friday, December 8th, 2006

3. Do you feel that the objectives of this course have been communicated to you effectively?
The objectives that have been communicated to me during this course are: how to show up completely unprepared to teach a class, how to attempt to teach a class while repeatedly failing to bring the required supplies, how to write and then blatantly disregard your syllabus, how to rely on students to provide you with tools to run your class out of fear that their own grades will suffer due to your incompetence if they don’t, how to expect your students to memorize a thick packet of random facts about jogging one week before the final, how to write a final of one ‘essay’ question, which consists of ‘Define and explain’ followed by seven or eight terms randomly selected from afore-mentioned packet, and how to assign a paper on the day of the final (the Friday before exam week), to be due in five days (in the middle of exam week).

One more reason to love this time of year. I adore praising the teachers who deserve it right out of their socks, and ripping the ones who don’t into small, easily digested pieces.

Now I just wish I could ‘evaluate’ the shit out of my internet provider.

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