January 10th, 2007

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Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

im posting because im down. i was feeling better, but now the down
feeling creeps back. i tell myself, trust, emma, trust. and i really
do try. i suppose a good thing of all this is that i am trusting more.
theres nothing else i can do. its reluctantly,though…i am still
waiting for my trust to get me horribly hurt.. still..maybe this time
i can trust and it will not be broken.. i feel a glimmer of hope,. but
it seems incomprehensible to me.. i feel lonely, like the world is
full of 2s and im a 1. i just borrow people from their match whenever
i can. oh well, such is the world. i am grateful for the time my
friends can give me. i shouldn’t be greedy. i always worry so much,
how do you stop worrying? im getting very tired, writing this on my
phone.. to the point where my worries blur in my whirling mind.. i
hope all is well. i hope i dont end up hurt. please let the good
things stay good…

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