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Creatures of the World

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Lions sleep and laze around,
While snakes slither on the ground,
Monkeys swing high in the trees,
While beetles crawl beneath the leaves.
Ants scurry across the floor,
While sloths sleep for ever more.
Frogs leap from lily to lily,
And if you miss a fly you look all silly.
Crabs scuttle across the sand,
And walk upon my wet sandy hand.
We humans saw woolly mammoths with their massive tusks
Now gone in timeless dusk.
Bye bye we have to go.
We hope you enjoyed our poem you know.
Made by Alice H*dcr*ft and Heather H*dcr*ft

This was originally going to be part 1.3 of the post below, but I decided it’s too awesome, and deserves its own post. This was written by my sisters. They’re 9, and they just sat down and wrote this one day, out of the blue. It wasn’t prompted or for school. They’re awesome.

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Guide Cat Urine Birds Mating Choking Third-Degree Burn

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

This post is going to focus on some animal stuff less animal stuff than before, then move forward to two things that happened to me that I find interesting and you probably don’t. The title of this post pretty much explains what’s going to happen and in what order.

First and foremost, Svara has been very sick. It’s ok, she’s getting better now, but she got a hell of a urinary tract infection, and was really miserable all Monday, straining to pee tiny drops of bloody urine. And she couldn’t really control her bladder either, so a few things got peed on (but I know it’s not her fault), but then I had to keep her in the kitchen bathroom because the floor’s not carpet. Poor girl, all sick, finding herself locked in a bathroom, and having to spend a morning at the vet’s!
Anyway, she’s doing much better now, though she hates the pills she’s on with a passion.

Secondly, so many birds! I saw some beautiful bluebirds the other day, shimmering like sapphires. I’ve seen mourning doves gathering nesting material, mockingbirds flitting around, and birds I don’t know. Today there seemed to be a prevalence of blackbirds doing their funny courtship dances for the brownish females. Always fun to watch.

Thirdly, Never mind.

Two things that happened to me:
First, I joked with a girl who was eating about how if she chocked nobody present could help her because we’re not doctors yet. Eventually she laughed so hard she started severely choking. O.o Talk about self-fulfilling.

Secondly, I got a third-degree burn on the end of my finger. It’s all white and waxy, and doesn’t hurt at all. I was taking a melting point in lab when I accidentally touched the (unshielded) hot metal. It was about 330°C. It hurt intensely for about a quarter of a second, and it has not hurt sense. For those of you less medically inclined, this is because all the skin and some of the underlying tissue is fried, as are the nerves. For the curious, it sizzled when my finger hit the metal. Bacon anyone? For the concerned, I’m keeping an eye on it. Yes, it’s kind of serious, but as long as it doesn’t get infected and seems to be healing without problem there’s no need for me to get it looked at. Trust me, I’m (not) a doctor (yet). (See above.)

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Well They Can Bloody Well Just Try It

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Well, I’m back from spring break, and I survived. Sometimes just barely, but I’m still here. It was a fairly stressful experience, what with my sister being my sister, and my dad being my dad. The last few days were very strained indeed, and I’m glad to be away from all that. My family is simply a mess I wish I wasn’t involved in.

The stress doesn’t stop, though – this week is going to be nasty, as far as I can tell. And things to look forward to seem few and far between at the moment – no more holidays for a while (and then only Easter, which means mandatory family time, which I dislike (see above paragraph)), and no other plans.

I don’t really know what to say. Right now I’m very tired and listless, and I’m looking forwards to getting this meeting I have with a girl to do a project over with, so I can go be listless. But listlessness always has a chance of begetting other, less pleasant feelings (not that listlessness is a very pleasant one in itself – it’s very different from general laziness, which can be very pleasant), so I am wary of that, and hoping for the better.

I really don’t want to be back at school. I don’t want to be back on spring break, either (at least not the family-involved part). I just want to have some endless weekend, where I can sit and read.

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When You Sleep Where Do Your Fingers Go?

Friday, March 16th, 2007

I’ve discovered this: It’s much easier to trust someone than not to trust them.

I’m sore and sunburned. I’m not so sure about this skiing lark.

This was my dad’s way of letting me know he will not be inviting me over to England for Easter: ‘No Emma, the next time I see you, you’ll have contracted malaria.’
So loving.

Oh world, I don’t know what to make of you. And I certainly don’t know what to make of myself. I’m so odd. Oh well, c’est la vie.

I’m reading some books. Haven’t had any jello for a few days, though. That’s sad.

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Pressure – Pushing Down on Me

Monday, March 12th, 2007

Thought I should make a post before I’m off for spring break. I’m going skiing with my dad and sister in Utah. My dad’s flying in today and we’re going up to Utah to pick up Elizabeth tomorrow, then off to some resort, back Sunday. IM the cell phone SN if you need me.

I’m not really looking forward to this little reunion. I don’t know how Elizabeth is doing, and I don’t know what state of mind my dad is in. Historically, the three of us are a volatile little bunch. So we’ll see how it goes. It’s causing me a fair amount of stress already, though for once I don’t think it’s seeped too much into my interactions with people.

I’ve got a few [good] books, my DS, a journal, and my phone, so all should be ok. I’m sure internet withdrawal will get me, at least a bit, but I’ve got AIM and Gmail on my phone, and hopefully that’ll be enough to keep me for the short time.

Urgh. I can’t get rid of these lumps in my stomach. I’m not even completely clear what exactly is stressing me out. Probably mostly just the thought of having to measure up to the expectations of my dad once again. Maybe a few other things. I suppose nothing to do but see how it goes and try and relax.

Well, maybe I’ll try and catch 40 winks (is that expression used in the US?) before my dad calls me and everything explodes. Send me an IM and check I haven’t died of hypertension if you can.

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Neutral Title, Neutral Post

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

I’m pretty much just posting because I feel like I should. There’s nothing much I have to say, sorry. I’m sure there are lots of things I could say, but I just feel no urge to say it, and no reason to say it to something like a blog.

I watched a documentary on porn in my criminal justice class last night. It was incredibly explicit for a class.

I’m going to go eat some jello. Bye.

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It’s Still the Same
Change Doesn’t Always Happen

Monday, March 5th, 2007

I’d like to write about some things in general, but I fear that a couple of you would be able to deduce what I’m referring to specifically, and I’m bound not to do that, so I’ll just stay silent on the matter, I suppose.

I don’t understand myself at all. It distresses me greatly at times, and other times I can accept the fact that I’m a stranger to myself quite easily. I ponder so many things all the time now, sometimes I almost become bored with analysing myself and my actions and everyone else in the world and their actions and decisions. It’s tiring, and seems to be pointless often. I don’t think I reach any useful conclusions by it. I can reach many in my head, but they don’t apply to the world, because they’re just in my head. I don’t trust my conclusions anyway, since they come from my head, and we all know about that.

Is a sin once as dark a mark as a sin a thousand times over? Who decides a sin’s a sin?

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What’s the World?

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

I’m sorry, I don’t really have much to say. Well, I guess I have a lot to say, but I feel far too drifted away to even try to put it into tiny letters on this black page.

I feel very odd indeed.

Perhaps a little later.

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