October 22nd, 2007

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Red or Blue

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

So I’m supposed to have this list of posts I’m working down, but I’m hyper, un-tired, bored, and slightly down, and overall feeling disagreeable, so screw my list.

Instead, I will talk about, hm. Jello. I’m eating some sugar-free jello, since I’m trying to eat more healthily, which means less sugar (causes blood-sugar spikes that just leave you craving more sugar). But I swear it tastes faintly of cough syrup. Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten cherry. Probably should have gone with orange.

Here’s something for you to mull over:
Bear Grylls (from Man vs Wild) might have been a cheating little bitch when it came to surviving in the wild, but I tell you what, he was a hell of a lot easier on the eyes (and ears – oh the accent) while fake-surviving than baldy round-faced Survivorman (from Survivorman). And, Survivorman is kind of boring. He doesn’t have nearly the same way of describing what he’s doing in an exciting way.

I feel a little bad saying looks and excitement over skill, but hell, if I ever get stranded in Rocky Mountains do you really think since I watched Survivorman or Man vs Wild I’ll survive? Honestly, I know the only show I take real advice from is Doctor Who. For example, I learned that I should be wary of any hospital run by cat-people, because they’re probably doing illegal and immoral experiments on clones in the basement.
Surviorman is pretty cool for having the same kick-ass hat as me, though. But why has this loser decided to go fishing at night when he just talked about some poisonous fish you can stand on?

After watching him eat a load of coconut, though, I’m totally craving SukhoThai, which may be one of the best restaurants in the world. Wait, this guy just claimed to make a ukulele from a couple of coconuts. I’m pretty sure you can’t do that very easily.

Well, though I’m not tired, and though I’m fidgety (at least partly because of the change in weather, which excites me) and disagreeable, I guess I should go get some sleep so I can do physics in the morning before class.

Oh, but before I go. I’ve decided to buy an iPod nano with my birthday money (yes, I’ve been holding onto it all this time), but I can’t decide between red and blue. What’s your vote?

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