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Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

So it’s like negative 3million o’clock in the morning and I’m still awake, doing nothing. Well, ok, so I am doing something. I’m spending about positive 3million dollars at iTunes because I’ve finally got my new iPod nano up and running and I can’t resist : (. But I felt like communicating with someone, and no one is awake, apparently, at this insane hour.

Ah, ‘White & Nerdy’. Who doesn’t love that song? I might have to add that one to my catalogue of memorized rap songs. If you’re curious, that so far consists of ‘Baby Got Back’ and ‘What’s Your Fantasy’ by Ludacris. I think I have a gene that makes me find incredible amounts of pleasure in singing dirty rap songs out of a white girl mouth, even if no one else is around to listen with eyebrows raised and incredulous laughter. And come on, that Ludacris song is just plain fun. “How ’bout up in the library, on top of books, but you can’t be too loud.”

Wow, I just noticed that I think Regina Spektor is wearing my ‘birthday shoes’ in her video Fidelity. I feel honored, yey.

Well, am I being rambley enough? Right now I feel a really strong urge to meet people, which is really rare for me. Too bad it’s 4am, because it would probably be a good idea to take advantage of that urge while I have it.

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving, eh? Well, what do you think about that. Personally, I am happy about the food. The sad thing is, for the second year, my sister is not around. We like to go to the Black Friday sales, not really to buy anything, but just to mill around with the people. This probably sounds really, really weird. Especially since we have to get up at like 3:30am to get to civilization by 5am from my Grandmother’s house in the country. But, that’s why we go together – we both get why it’s incredibly fun. (And understand that it really doesn’t have anything to do with purchasing anything.) Maybe that’s just what happens when you raise two girls in airports for far too much of their lives.

In case you can’t tell, I’m in a state of general happiness at the moment. I’m in my brand-new un-worn PJs (they were way too warm to wear before now, which reminds me – HEY!! The temperature finally dropped!!! And I heard it might even snow tomorrow night!!! Can you believe it!? I should close this parenthesis now before I forget it’s open.), have a new iPod full of music with a *beautiful* screen, and have a new Thanksgiving shirt to wear tomorrow, and the weather is cold, and I have 3 good science-y books to read (Birth, Medical Ethics, The Mating Mind). I have good music, and I have a little stuffed animal friend that even has a jingle bell attached, and I’m hungry. Well, that last one isn’t really something happy, but it’s something. Unfortunately I’d probably wake someone up to get food, so I should probably sleep instead.

I feel happily hopeful and very Emma-ish at the moment, which is just the way I like it. For those of you who know me well, if you were here, I’d be smiling and giggling, and maybe even singing and dancing and hugging. And for no particular reason. But you know what, I like it when I like being me, because honestly, I’m pretty awesome, and I’m lucky I didn’t end up being a chicken or something. So bring out the Emma!

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