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Life, The Java Applet, and Everything

Friday, December 7th, 2007

I know I haven’t posted in a while – sorry about that. However, this post probably won’t make you feel better because I’m posting just for one small reason that will mean nothing to you, so feel free to skip this one if you want.

Today at my mom’s request I sent out an email to some family members linking to my index of finished Java applets from this semester in programming. Horribly simple and unimpressive, it’s not much, but whatever, if the family wants it, I can please.

I am a little fond of the last applet because it’s a) a game b) has pretty pictures and c) has Christmas sounds. Also, I just finished it, so of course I’m happy because I got it done and all is up to specs. In the email I noted that this was probably the best applet to look at.

Later tonight, I got an email from my dad, my real dad, in England, saying that he’d done quite well matching up the cards on the game with the music.

My father, the crazy man, the Lord, the control freak, actually read (not scanned) an email I sent, actually followed a link in the email, actually bothered to figure out which game I was directing people towards, and actually played the game.

I still can’t quite believe it. Never in a million years was I expecting that, for my dad to sit down and actually pay close attention to something small that I’d done that he is generally disdainful of. Let alone play a childishly simple matching game just because I wrote it and send out a link about it.

It’s really made my day, maybe week. Of course he pays attention to the ‘important’ stuff, the ochem, the biology, etc. But he’s never shown any interest (even fake) at all in my love of programming.

I know my life sometimes doesn’t fit the average idea of what life should be – hell, it doesn’t even fit my fairly modest standards, which mostly revolve around stability, caring, and everyone getting along for once. But, I have my kitty, I have new pyjamas, my dad played my Java applet, and I have Christmas lights up.

It’s not all that bad, life.

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