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On the Road/Railroad Tracks/Flight Path Again…

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Hello all! Here is a more accurate summary of Sean and my plans for travelling the UK and seeing the sights and all that this winter. So now you can track us on your little map on your wall with pins! Hooray! Long and short of it is I will be gone Jan 5th – Feb 3rd and Sean will be gone Jan 20th – Feb 3rd.

U.K. Trip Proposed Schedule Alpha

Monday, January 5
       Emma leaves from DFW

Tuesday, January 6
       Emma arrives at LHR

Tuesday, January 20
       Sean leaves from DFW

Wednesday, January 21
        Sean arrives at LHR. Meet with Emma and take train to Canterbury midday.

Thursday, January 22

Friday, January 23
        Morning train from Canterbury to Hexham; bus to Allenheads (6 hours approximately)

Saturday, January 24
        Allenheads & Hartlepool football match!

Sunday, January 25

Monday, January 26
        Morning bus from Allenheads to Hexham; train to Newcastle (30 minutes approximately)

Tuesday, January 27

Wednesday, January 28

Thursday, January 29
        Morning train from Newcastle to Glasgow (2.5 hours approximately)

Friday, January 30
        Evening train from Glasgow to Aberdeen (3.5 hours approximately)

Saturday, January 31

Sunday, February 1

Monday, February 2
        Leave Aberdeen and arrive in London.

Tuesday, February 3
        Sean (on AA) and Emma (on BA) leave LHR, arrive in DFW

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