Purple + Emma + Bikes + TV Cameras

Written by Emma on November 28th, 2006

Well, the TCU Purple Bike mini-launch was today, and CBS news showed up to do some videoing and interview my prof. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there, so it was between me and another girl, and she wouldn’t do it. So, there is an interview with me about the Purple Bike Program on CBS local news tonight. I don’t know whether it’s the 4, 5, or 6 o’clock broadcast, but it might air across the metroplex, since it looks like ‘D/FW’ is as local as it gets. So look out for me if you’re in Ft. Worth, Dallas, or Arlington. If I see a video link online on the website I’ll post it so you can all watch me make a fool of myself.

I’ve had more publicity in the last two days than I have had the whole last 20 years.

And I’m wearing my glasses. God, of all days to wear my glasses. Typical.

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