Purple + Emma + Bikes

Written by Emma on November 27th, 2006

I was going to say ‘I guess if you’ve got a picture in the paper you haven’t faded away yet,’ but then I realised that that’s completely false.

Anyway, if you get ahold of a Star Telegram (Arlington) then look in the Arlington section for an article on the TCU Purple Bike Program that I’m working on. If you get a Fort Worth Star Telegram, look at the Fort Worth section front page, where you will find a big ol’ color photograph of yours truly with a purple bike.

I personally couldn’t think of a more fitting combination of subjects (purple + bikes) for me to make my newspaper color-photograph (front-page-B-section) debut.

For those of you not in the Metroplex, or lazy, or cheap, here’s a link to the article:
Riding Purple to go Green. I will save and mirror it when I have a little more time. (The picture in the paper is much better than the one here.)

PS – The girl in the picture with me graduated Lamar ’04, just like me. We’d never met or heard of each other until now, and neither of us looked familiar to the other.

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