That ‘Pop’ You Just Heard…

Written by Emma on June 2nd, 2006

Well, yesterday I did it. I pre-ordered my DS Lite!!! I called round lots of GameStops, but none of them could guarantee that I could get a DS Lite on June 11th, part of the first-shipment. They all said I’d have to wait. Well, I don’t do waiting so well, but things were looking not-so-good. Best Buy told me they weren’t doing reserving or pre-ordering, you’d just have to stand and wait. As much fun as that would be, it’s a great way of standing around for 6 hours and getting disappointed. So I was wondering if I should do that or order one off Amazon. Yes, times were desperate.

Then yesterday I innocently went to Taco Bell for lunch, to get my fix, and as returned home, full of tacos and burritos, noticed a GameStop. It’s a small one, one of those little ones, and I thought to myself, “Self, why don’t we check in there?” So I did. And the guy said, “We have not received many pre-orders because we are small, I can guarantee you one on the 11th of June”. And then the other guy said, “I know your sister”. Hopefully further securing the first-guy’s statement. And all were joyous in the Land of Emma!

So yes, I am getting a DS Lite on the 11th of June. This is the first time I have ever bought a gaming console (all two (Gameboy Color and Gamecube) I’ve gotten before were given to me). It is also the first time I have pre-ordered or reserved anything. Oh the innocence of it all! It is a new era for Emma. Yey and verily!

So, if you are wanting a DS Lite and you are having similar problems to what I was having above, comment of IM me and I’ll tell you this rare under-reserved Gamestop that you may visit. If you comment, give me some other way to reach you than commenting back on my site or yours.

I already bought New Super Mario Bros. To stroke for a few days. My precioussss.


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