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Written by Emma on April 3rd, 2006

I try and install this GeForce 4 graphics card. When I put it in, the computer just beeps a lot and doesnt do anything else, so I decide the card is shot and take it out.
Then I put in an ATI Rage 128MB card, and start up, and it says something about boot error. I don’t like the way things are looking, so I put the original GeForce2 card back in.
I start up, and it flashes the first screen really quickly, then goes to:
Novell NetWare Ready Firmware v 1.00 (940810)
(c)Copyright 1991-1994 Novell Inc. All Rights Reserved
VIA PCI 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet Adapter v 3.33 (11/09/2001)

Analysing network Media type, this will take several

RPL-ROM-ADR: 0007 95A4 E5E0

At this point it then counts up to 200 very slowly and says ‘boot error, check connections’ or something similar to that… and also insert disk into drive A. Something along those lines.
I look online, and the main advice, apart from reformatting, is to check BIOS boot order, but I cant get into the BIOS because the Novell screen comes up so fast.
So I do that a couple of times, then I turn the comp off and check all the internal connections, pushing everything in very hard.
I discover my main HDD IDE cable is a little loose, so I push it in and think ‘Yey, fixed!’

Now it starts up and nothing happens. The fans run, the drives spin, but there’s no startup beeps, and nothing on the monitor. The yellow light on the monitor doesn’t even turn to green.

I’m starting to get very worried, because I don’t even know where to start.
Advice?? Please??

I did get the computer to go from doing nothing to showing the Novell screen again, and got into a boot menu, though not the BIOS menu. It showed:

Select First Boot Device

Floppy : 1.44 MB 3 1/2

Showing neither of my HDDs. I have two, both are set by jumpers to be master/slave and are also in the correct positions on an 80wire IDE cable for master/slave.
I managed through the Novell screen (by pressing ALT-TAB when it first comes up) to force it to try and boot from a local disk, but it fails after it tries.

However, now it’s back to doing nothing, except now it also makes very loud beeps through the speakers (not the mobo). My mobo is 4 years old and an VIA VT8235, which I do know is not looked kindly upon by most people.

Tried resetting the BIOS via mobo jumper but to no noticeable effect.

Beeps are like this:
3 same length, a little over a second long, then a gap of about 10 seconds. Repeats the same over and over. (Listened for 6 cycles of beeps.)

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