A Black Hole Rainbow

Written by Emma on February 26th, 2006

I thought I’d share this conversation with you all, to demonstrate my awesome family:

Llenon: and now my screen has these two wisps of light
Llenon: where the corners of parts of this picture i have as a background are
Llenon: it’s like it burned
Loweaugen: you wanna know what’s funny
Loweaugen: you know what’s burned into our tv set?
Llenon: ?
Loweaugen: you know in law and order at scene changes they show the place and time
Loweaugen: yea, we have faint words of that burned into our tv
Loweaugen: isnt that awesome
Loweaugen: it shows what law and order freaks we are
Loweaugen: we have law and order places/times burned into our screen
Loweaugen: i love it
Llenon: crazy

In other news, this is the calm before the storm of my father’s wrath. Stay tuned for updates as I go though the most exciting few weeks of my life! yet another fun family bonding experience! this regularly scheduled battle.

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