SNOW!! (and blood)

Written by Emma on December 28th, 2005

Yesterday morning we woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground… and then it started to snow more and more. By the afternoon (well ok, late morning) we were having a snowball fight and taking a wintery walk, and by the evening time (well, ok, mid-afternoon… time runs differently when you only have 8 hours of daylight) we were sledging down the hills! We went to bed as it snowed more, and through the night it got deeper still! All day today it snowed, and everyone went out sledging while I was still asleep (I had been up and down all night long with 3 very large blood-pouring-everywhere nosebleeds). We went for a before-lunch walk, having lunch at the village cafe a mile or so away after walking over the snow-covered hills and through a snowy forest. Then after we returned, we grabbed our sledges and went for a long sledging session with some of the other village kids, which was coming to and end when Heather and Alice had a banging collision halfway down and Heather ended up with what’s usually my specialty, a blood-pouring-everywhere nosebleed. We took her inside and got her cleaned up, and after a while she’s ok. That ended the sledging, but it was getting dark anyway. Now we’re snugged up cozy in the warm cottage watching the snow fall still more! What a great time this has been. My dad was going to see a Hartlepool game tonight, but we’re not sure if we should venture out, as if the snow gets really bad, we could get stuck on a snowdrifted road on a moor. (That happened to my dad once before… where there was no phone signal of course. He had to spend most of the night in his car till the gritter came by and freed him.) So we’ll see how it goes.

SO! It’s been a great few days here with all the snow! Everything looks so white and clean, and we’ve seen lots of wildlife, since it’s hard for it to hide. Lots of birds, rabbits, and grouse and pheasants. Also lots of sheep, but we see loads of them anyway. At least in the winter they don’t baa all the time.

Anyway, today is a special day cuz AJ is turning 21. Happy Birthday! : )

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