It’s Christmas Eve, My Lads and Lasses!

Written by Emma on December 24th, 2005

Oh it’s Christmas eve!
I’m trying not to stress out, honestly, but it’s hard. I am having serious trouble sleeping, which is not good, but what can you do. It’s really boring lying awake in a dark house with everyone else asleep but you cant do anything because if you dad finds you awake you’ll be hung out the windows by your toenails. I’ve also started having nosebleeds again.. Oh the joys of winter! I especially love it when you have them in the night, so when you wake up the next morning it looks like a knife murder happened in your bed. Whoo!

So today we went to pick up our Christmas turkey from the butchers’ (Oh yes, here we still go to a good old-fashioned butchers’! Better quality meat, you know.) and then went for a 2.5 mile walk around Allendale countryside. It’s been beautiful weather today – blue sky with not a cloud, and sunny and lovely. It’s cold of course, freezing, but at least it’s sunny. The walk was great, with stunning views of the valley and rolling hills, all gleaming in the sun. Of course, the whole walk we had long shadows and it looked like evening, since it was about 1 or 2 in the afternoon, and the sun will set about 4. It comes up about 9. When we were up in Aberdeen, it was coming up around 10 and setting at 3! I love the short days – it always looks like either morning or evening, so the day never gets old and worn looking. It always looks fresh and golden, with long shadows. Anyway, they’re saying no white Christmas, but if the weather is like this, I won’t be complaining! There really is no better way to spend a Christmas than in a little cottage in the English countryside, I swear.

So yes, things seem to be going a little better. Libby and Kenneth are in the kitchen making mince pies (they contain fruit, sugar, and spices… no meat). Yum. I’ll go help them after I finish this. Being with the twins and Kenneth always makes things better. And the cottage is all decked out for Christmas, and of course Kenneth and the twins are so excited. Christmas with kids makes it so much better. Hopefully since I have such young siblings, there will be very little break between when they get too old for the fun and when I spluge out my own little clones. (Loving, aren’t I?) I can’t wait till the excitement tomorrow of them opening their presents. I really have no idea what I’ll get, but hopefully a few nice little things. I’m hoping for the new Robbie Williams CD.

I went and saw Narnia the other day, and actually really enjoyed it. The animation is very well done, and I enjoyed the characters. It’s very appropriate for all ages, which for once I really like, since Heather came and watched it with us and really enjoyed it, and since there was no blood and gore, she wasn’t scared. So I recommend it, if you were looking to go see it. Yes, it’s a Christian themed thing, or whatever, but it’s still a great story, and you don’t have to look into that to get a good message and a good movie.

Anyway, Have a great Christmas, all!! : )

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