Les Chaussettes Du Jour

Written by Emma on December 12th, 2005

Les chaussettes de Noël du jour pour le 12 décembre
Snowflakes and Icicles!

My mom gave me these socks last year after Christmas. She says they’re ‘jean Christmas socks’ and I might see where she gets that from. I think they’re cute, with tiny Santas, and Christmas trees (vegetation is very popular on Christmas socks), and snowmen. Snowmen are a good idea on Christmas socks, I think. Maybe next year I will buy some snowman socks.

I’m sorry for not keeping up with my socks. : ( They are all updated now. Usually I despise changing the dates on posts to make them look like I posted them some other time, but I have done that with these, just for ease of having a good timeline.

Today was the start of finals. My biology test spat on me during the multiple choice, but I beat its ass all the way to Russia on the short answer and essay. Tomorrow I have no tests, but I must pack and study, and Wendesday I have French at 8am and OChem at 6pm. Thursday morning I depart for Arlington, and I go to some teeth man in Ft Worth Thursday afternoon. Sunday morning I depart the US for Britain, and shall return Jan 3rd. I don’t go back to school for a while after that, so that’s when I’ll see people, if I am wanted to be seen.

Another thing I wanted to mention was the fact that DAMN I am getting a lot of hits. I have gotten 1014 hits this month alone! That’s about double than I ever got before. Daily I’m getting about 80-100 hits. My old high was 5, and that was back junior or senior year.
I’d like to think this sudden surge in hits was because I suddenly became more interesting to the world or my Christmas socks were drawing tonnes of admirers. But of course, that’s not the case. Remember last year when I posted some Christmas songs that I recommended for you all to download? Nothing draws the hordes like mp3s. Since they’re all Christmas songs, my top search word has gone from ‘Emma’ to ‘Christmas’. Ho hum.

I’m both happy that I’m getting so many hits, and sad that they just want my songs. : ( I’d be happier if they just wanted my socks!

I hope you have enjoyed my daily sock updates, because yes, the time has come. Today’s socks were my last pair, and from now on it would be repeats : (. I know, it makes me cry too. I shall continue wearing my Christmas socks, so if you’re still curious, ask me to pull up my pants leg and see which ones I’ve got on : ) !

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