One day you will see clearly:you’ve been knocking on a door without a house*

Written by Emma on March 9th, 2005

Yea, yea. I know I should be writing my fem studies paper on gender transgression, but I just had to pause my procrastination of it for a second to spread the glorious word. I’ve fallen in love with Dannon DanActive Vanilla, A probiotic cultured dairy drink with L.casei. It has two of my most favorite things: 1) live bacteria 2) good taste.
For some reason unknown to scientists, I love knowing I’m eating live bacteria (of the kind that is not going to harm me… live, good bacteria). It makes me giggle uncontrollably. Imagining all the little bacteria sliding down my throat. Am I evil? I don’t think so, I know they aren’t going to die or anything. Maybe it’s knowing I’m enslaving them for my own purposes.
I also love good taste, as could be expected. But I love the taste of this stuff. It’s cool, smooth, vanilla-y.. sweet.. goodness. I adore it. I wish it came in gallon jugs instead of little dinky 3.3oz (100mL) bottles. I’d drink all four little bottles in one sitting, but I don’t want to give those bacteria the upper hand or anything. Anyway, it’s like a nightly treat.

Like this but not Strawberry, Vanilla.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m going to Rio de Janeiro for spring break with Libby (my sis) to meet up with my dad, who’s down there currently on a business trip.

I am looking forwards to seeing this statue: Christ the Redeemer

I’m looking forwards to going, I like warm places that are not Texas, and I’ve admired the Christ the Redeemer statue from my dad’s postcards since I was tiny, so it’s a treat to get to go see it for real. (If you can’t tell scale from that picture, it’s HUGE.)

Hopefully we’ll also see these falls, which are on the Argentina/Brazil border

Anyway, I’ll be arriving back in the US early Thursday morning. What’s everyone else up to?

*I got this post title by opening one of my poetry books randomly and taking the first two lines. Yes, it’s my depressing poetry book. This is from ‘The door: anticipation of wisdom’ by Kapka Kassabova

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